25th January 1819
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'Driving cattle for rent' means a man's livestock is being driven away in lieu of outstanding rent. The owner and his family can only stand by and watch. In the following report, their attempt to prevent it resulted in three losing their lives.


We have been informed, that a few days since near Elphin, a most dreadful outrage was committed by a number of armed men from the neighbourhood of Strokestown, who came to drive for rent.

On their driving the cattle off the ground, the owners went before them to prevent it; and, without any further provocation on their part, the armed party attacked them with guns and bayonets, killed three on the spot, and wounded four or five others.

On Mr. Lloyd, of Lissadorn, receiving information of the outrage, he immediately proceeded with a party of the army and his constables, and was so fortunate as to succeed in apprehending a number of the party, among which was the principal.

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