1st January 1835
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Patrick was supposedly born 3/17/1839. However, I have been told that many children who did not know their birthdates used St. Patrick's Day. Patrick supposedly emigrated to Canada or the U.S. when he was age 7. His father passed away when he was age 3 and his mother passed away either in crossing of the Atlantic Ocean or shortly after arrival in Canada or the U.S.


  • My ancestors are Maylia, Maley and possibly other spellings. They were from County Mayo and emigrated to Northern England, Canada and America.

    Friday 20th January 2023 05:11PM
  • I wonder if we have common DNA matches or if we are matches.  My mother as well as my own DNA are on Ancestry...

    Do you know where in Canada your ancestors emigrated to?  Patrick was taken in by a family in Ernestown, Ontario, Canada(near Kingston).  The father was Henry Parrot.  Patrick later did a waggonmakining internship and married.  Then, later moved to Ionia, Michigan and then SW Kansas and farmed.  

    We think Patrick had about three sisters one (much older) brother named Lawrence.  


    Friday 27th January 2023 02:33PM

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