1st January 1585
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The Composition of Connacht (aka Connaught & Thomond), a form of surrender and regrant, was a part of the Tudor re-conquest of Ireland led by Sir John Perrot (Lord Deputy of Ireland) and Sir Richard Bingham (Governor of the Presidency of Connacht). Consequent to this Connacht was divided into 6 counties (Clare being one of them) and the territories of the Gaelic lords were created into baronies.

In this composition, the Barony of Boyle, otherwise known as Moylurg, was stated to be the property of Mac Dermott, with exception of lands specified as belonging to the Queen, and the Church. 

 the old principal families "were to surrender the exorbitant power they had hitherto exhibited". However, as the promises of protection were "inadequatly afforded", the returned to their old Gaelic ways and Brehon Law. 

For more, see D'Alton pg 201.

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