15th April 1766
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In March 1766, the Irish House of Lords instructed Church of Ireland parish clergy to compile ‘a list of the several families in their parishes’ – to record the religion of the householders and to identify any Roman Catholic priests and friars living in their area. Although most of the original 1766 religious census returns were destroyed Dublin's Public Records Office fire of 1922, a few fragments survived.

The 1766 religious census return for Killukin, Tumna and Creeve parishes was signed by Revd John Byrne, curate, and was dated 15 April 1766.

Byrne's return provided a list of householders' names, as was required by the resolution of the House of Lords. The names were grouped by townland.

There are two parishes called Killukin in County Roscommon (The parish covered by this census return is the one located in Boyle barony, in the north of County Roscommon).

No household figures have survived from it, 

No Census household figures survived the PRO fire in 1922.  although a brief extract from the census is available (NAI PRIV/T/20480/338/10, pp 40-1) as shown below.


William Carrigan provides the names of the two Catholic clergymen in the Union (Carrigan notebook 58, p. 71 (St Kieran's College)).

‘John Duffy, Parish Priest in Killukan parish. 

Terence Oats, Parish Priest in Creeve parish’.


Parishes of Killuken, Tumna & Creve, 15 April 1766

KILLUKIN (aka Croghan)

Dominick McGreevy, Cortobber, Papist.

John Ford, Glover Laird, Papist.

John Madden, Glover Laird, Papist.

James Ford, Drumcool-Cashel [Drumercool], Papist.

John Ford, Drumcool-Cashel, Papist.

Patrick Greevey, Scregg, Papist.

Hugh Cox of Knockanonomy [Knockananima], Papist.

Dominick Levanny, Torymartin [religion not specified]

Hugh McNamara, Knockacarra, Papist.

Andrew Madden, Enagh, Papist.

Patrick Johnens, Mullaghmore, Papist.

James Johnens, Mullaghmore, Papist.




Samuel Cox of Meery [Meera], Protestant.

Jerome Jones, Meera, Protestant.

James Cox of Keltoacuneen, Protestant.

Francis Reily, Meera, Papist.

Roger McGreavy, Cuiltyconeen, Papist.

James Reily of Woodbrook (Usna), Papist.

Hugh Reily of Woodbrook (Usna), Papist.

Owen McGreavy, Cloongoonagh [Cloongownagh], Papist.

William Jones, Foxborough, Papist.

James McGreavy, Druminilra, Papist.

Edmund McGreavy, Cloonskeuleen [Cloonskeeveen], Papist.

Patrick McGreavy, Emlogh [Emlagh], Papist.

John Smith, Emlogh [Emlagh], Papist.

Peter Keaveny, Cloonecarran, Papist.

James Keaveny, Meagh, Papist.



James Smith, Ballyhoulagher [Ballyhollaghan], Papist.

George Hinds, Creeve, Papist.


* Parliamentary Records Index, vol. ix, p. 1,955 (NAI RC 14/9).   SOURCE Virtual Treasury of Ireland 

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