18th March 1820
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English Chronicle and Whitehall Evening Post - Saturday 18 March 1820


– In the Galway Weekly Advertiser we find an advertisement, offering a high reward for the discovery of the persons, who were concerned in an atrocious attempt to murder James Hardiman Burke, Esq. on Sunday night, the 5th instant. This gentleman, who is the Deputy Mayor of Galway, has actively exerted himself to suppress Ribbonism. The Magistrates and Gentlemen of the county are to meet this day at Loughrea "to take into consideration the melancholy state of the county, and particularly to adopt such measures as may be deemed most efficacious to check the spirit of assassination, which, we fear, has been infused into the minds of some of our countrymen."

This is a very alarming state of things !”—Dublin Correspondent. GALWAY, MARCH 11.


—On Wednesday last, about the hour of two o'clock in the afternoon, this leader was executed at Birchgrove, in the county of Roscommon, near Ballinasloe, pursuant to his sentence, in the presence of an immense multitude of spectators. Before he was turned off, the Hon. and Rev. Dr. Trench, with that humanity for which he is ever conspicuous, rode amongst the crowd and granted permission to the friends and relatives of that unfortunate man to take their last farewell of him. He appeared I perfectly resigned to his fate, admitted fully the justice of his sentence, and admonished the multitude to return to their allegiance, and give themselves up to peace, order, and industry. The loss of his own life he was indifferent to, compared to the misfortunes he had brought upon others; whom he had seduced from the paths of virtue and loyalty—eight of whom he stated to have been transported for life out of the dock of Roscommon, entirely on his account. 


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