1st January 1823
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Merchants of Roscrea in 1823. .

Listed by Trades . . . 1823 



  • What is this document? Can it be accessed on the internet? Are there any newspapers, etc that describe happenings in/around Roscrea 1850-1864. My grandfather, Jeremiah Keary (Carey) is believed to have been born in Roscrea (Rosemary) in 1860 to Daniel Keary and Bridget Treacy (dau. of Martin (Michael?) Tracey and Eliza/Betty McDoole). The Keary's emmigrated to New York State in 1862. The Traceys, w/grandson Jeremiah followed in 1863. Circumstances/connections?

    John Carey

    Thursday 12th April 2018 11:55PM
  • Came on this posting by accident! Treacy AND Carey family names occur in documentations regarding the Murray family which settled in Minnesota in the 1850's.  A Thomas Carey married Catherine Murray and raised a very large family in Minnesota, USA. Treacy family name occurs in references regarding relationships between a Murray daughter who visited them frequently in the late 1800's to 1900's. I am a family researcher for the Murray/Carey family and I am interested in making contact to share information.


    Sunday 22nd April 2018 12:53AM
  • Please contact me at J_P_carey@hotmail.com. My Ancestry Tree is Carey-Tomfohrde. I have DNA with Ancestry and 23andme.

    John Carey

    Sunday 22nd April 2018 06:50PM
  • Do you have an Ancestry Tree that I can access? 

    John Carey

    Tuesday 24th April 2018 09:01PM

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