17th July 1690
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The Siege of Athlone took place from the 17th of July 1690 and lasted for a week. 

The Siege was part of the Williamite War in Ireland, wherein the Jacobites in support of the Catholic King James II fought against the Williamites who supported the Protestant William of Orange. 

The Williamite Lieutenant-General James Douglas arrived at the gates of Athlone town on the 17th of July. With him he had 12,000 men. The garrison town of Athlone could only boast about 4,500. Prior to the arrival of Douglas and his men, the Jacobite forces had destroyed the bridge over the River Shannon, making access to the town more difficult. 

Douglas offered a chance for surrender which was staunchly refused. In response, he attacked the town walls with canon fire. The Jacobites returned the fire. Douglas' men attempted to cross the river but failed with a considerable loss of life. 

The Siege continued in this fashion until the 24th of July, when Douglas retreated, having received news that Patrick Sarsfield was coming to give aid to the Athlone garrison. 


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