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the first genealogical lesson of the galeic race the poets recall the first recorded genealogy of the race of the gaels of a grave of a noble family and of the race of the biblical noah son of lamech

2300bc approx Dinshenchus topographical poems of eireann number 77  probably transcribed in 1160ad by giolla gilla na naomh hua duinn

Sliabh gaelic sliab mountain lia stone betha the wild bulls home slieve beagh parish of clones in northern county Fermanagh sliabh betha slieve beagh range of high hills highest 1225 feet on the borders of county monaghan

Fermanagh and tyrone named for bith early invader of eire according to the pseudo history lebor gabala book of invasions bith cosair I behold the grave of a stranger from afar the monument of a leader crowned with sad splendour whose name brought in lustre was bith son of noah (was bith son of noah the second ard ri of eireann)  vast of vigour forty days by the tale before the doleful deluge to erin came the shortlived swarm in multitude in numbered array hither came bith skilled in battle marching before his noble wives five and twenty 25 + 1 = 26 wives by firm bond made up his family as for bith the chief-tains time was short shaking seized him and sore sickness his own wives dug a grave on the mountain for his burial from him high above the planets path is named sliabh betha the wild bulls home the body of the cosair who lived not long lies yet under the calm thou seest o Christ unshaken above all coasts thou didst not abandon bith eternally be mine no sadness in the dwelling yonder when I have told of each thing I see

Of the times and deaths of those kings gilla coemain the poet chanted circa 200ad

4 bith in his mountain a tale of love northward for sorrow after his only son      

thus the first named place in eire is marked for the ancestors gaelic generations to take note as biblical history is melded and moulded and melted into gaelic dinshenchas lore

and the first named genealogy family of the ancient gaelic race------the origins of the gaelic race

1]    1i adaim(ish) adaim mac de bi  adam first recorded direct male line ancestor of  11a japhethic        ----11b ham 11c shem nations through their descendant 10noah and his sons                          2] 1ii eve (ishshah) the woman adam carrys on his rib            the divine races of ancient eire by Eloise hart in gaelic celtic lore of eire instead of one heroic light bringer legends present a whole of divinities whose culture and science lay the foundation of civilization and sooner or later entice even the most primitive to develop their faculties of spiritual development                                              3]    2a canann the offspring of 1ii eve (ishshah of the garden of eden) and the -0-serpent canannites sons of cain son of adam                                                                                                                   4]    2b abel son of 1ii earthly eve and 1i earthly adam killed by 2a canann                                                                                                                                                                                                       5]     2c seth the third son of earthly 1ii eve and earthly 1i adam       2c seth maic 1i adaim mac 0 de bi                                                                                                                                                   others claim adam was buried at Jerusalem Golgotha and three trees grew out of his mouth to mark the centre of the earth                                                                                                                     6]     3 enos enosh the son of seth father of 3 enos      3 enois maic 2c seth maic 1i adaim maic 0 de bi                                                                                                                                                        7]     4 cainan canein kenan son of 3 enosh father of 4 cainen maic 3 enoish maic 2 seth maic 1 adaim mac 0 de bi                                                                                                                                      8]     5 mahalaleel malaliel Mahalalel the son of cainen the father of mahalaleel  malalel maic cainen maic enois                                                                                                                                           9]      6 jared the son of mahalaleel the father of jared iareth maic malalel                                                                                                                                                                                                        10]    7 enoch the son of jared iareth the father of enoch    enoc maic iareth maic mahalel                                                                                                                                                                               11]    8 methuselah the son of enoch the father of mathussalem maic enoc maic iareth maic malalel                                                                                                                                                            12]     9 lamech the son of methuselah the father of lamiach maic mathussalem maic enoc maic iareth  iareth                                                                                                                                                I am fintan son of eager lamech I was a stark fighter in equal battle I am versed in my time in the legend of bitha and of brefne                                                                                                                fintan mac bochra here called findtan and findtan mac lamiach     

and hence the gaelic people were immersed in place name lore and genealogy from the begining of the world anno mundi or from the begining of the gael                 


  • The wild bulls' home is located in the Slieve Beagh Parish of Clones in northern County Fermanagh. The highest point of the Slieve Beagh Range is 1225 feet, and it borders County Monaghan. gmail


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