1st January 1837
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From Lewis' Topographical Dictionary of Ireland pub. 1837

St. Peter's parish, erected by order of council in 1680, is the largest in the city, comprising the ancient parishes of St. Peter and St. Kevin, and a portion of that of St. Stephen.

It contains 27,176 inhabitants, and 2260 houses valued at £5 and upwards, the total annual value being £124,865. 10.

It is a vicarage, united to the rectories of Tawney, Rathfarnham, Donnybrook, and district of Booterstown, together forming the corps of the archdeaconry of Dublin, in the patronage of the Archbishop ; the minister's money is £1086. 15. 4., and the gross annual income is £2768, out of which there are 12 curates to be paid. The church, situated in Aungier-street, is a very large unornamented building, in the form of the letter T : the Ecclesiastical Commissioners have granted £735. 0. 6. for its repair.

In the attached cemetery are interred the remains of many persons of rank ; those of the celebrated John Fitzgibbon, Earl of Clare, lie here under a plain tombstone ; Maturin, the poet, who was curate of the parish, is also buried here.

There are within its limits three chapels of ease, one in Kevin-street, one in Upper Mount-street, Merrion-square, and a third at Rathmines ; and within the parish are Sandford Episcopal chapel at Cullenswood, and an Episcopal chapel in Upper Baggot-street.

The church or chapel of St. Kevin is a plain edifice, in the form of the letter T, situated to the south of Kevin-street ; it appears to have been erected on the site of an ancient chapel dedicated to St. Kevin.

The chapel in Upper Mount-street, dedicated to St. Stephen, is an elegant structure. The portico is of the Ionic order; over the pediment rises the belfry tower, of octangular form, covered with a cupola, the apex of which is 100 feet high.

The Episcopal church in Upper Baggot-street, with a female penitentiary attached, was erected in 1835 by subscription, at a cost of upwards of £6000 : the exterior is plain, but the interior is exceedingly handsome ; it will accommodate 1200, and has from 300 to 400 free seats : the appointment of the chaplain is in nine trustees.

The Episcopal chapel of the Magdalen Asylum, in Leeson-street, is also in this parish.

There are parochial schools for boys, girls, and infants ; schools at Sandford chapel for boys, girls, and infants ; a Methodist female orphan school ; St. Stephen's male and female day school in Mount-street ; Bride-street parochial female school ; day schools at Hatch-street and Cuff-lane ; two in Whitefriar-street ; two at Rathmines and Miltown ; two other infants' schools and five Sunday schools. There is also a parochial dispensary, and a loan fund established in 1813.

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