10th April 1912
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The RMS Titanic (the infamous passenger liner that sank during her maiden voyage after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean) was built in Belfast. It's first passengers boarded the ship at the port of Southampton, England.

[Photo colourization by Marina Amaral]

The Titanic, ready to begin sea trials, left Belfast on the 2nd of April and docked in Southhampton the following day.

On the morning of April 10, 1912, the ship's first passengers arrived and began boarding between 9:30-11:30 am. At noon, the Titanic set sail from England to begin her maiden voyage to the US (by way of France and Ireland). 

The Titanic docked at Cherbourg at 18:30 where it picked up more passengers before heading to its last port of call in County Cork. It arrived at Cobh (then Queenstown) the following morning at 11:30 am to pick up its final passengers, all bound for New York.

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