29th November 1852
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On the 29th of November, 1852, 31 Orphan Girls from Mountbellew Workhouse set sail on The Palestine. They departed from Plymouth and their destination was Australia. The arduous journey took  5 months with the ship eventually docking in Freemantle, Australia on the 28th of April, 1853. 

The girls on board were listed as follows;

Marianne Atkins, aged 18

Mary Butler, aged 19

Elizabeth Carberry, aged 20

Mary Carberry, aged 18

Celia Coldhan, aged 20

Catherine Coleman, aged 16

Biddy Concannon, aged 22

Catherine Cunningham, aged 20

Mary Cunningham, aged 20

Mary Dooley, aged 20

Margaret Egan, aged 18

Martha Egan, aged 18

Biddy Fitzgerald, aged 18

Mary Flanagan, aged 18

Mary Flynn, aged 18

Mary Geraghty, aged 21

Catherine Glynn, aged 18

Ellen Hansberry, aged 22

Mary Heavy, aged 20

Catherine Hughes, aged 18

Mary Kilfoyle, aged 22

Mary Kilroy, aged 20

Marie Lowe, age 18

Mary Mannion, aged 24

Jane Neille, aged 18

Maria Neille, aged 18

Mary Noon, aged 20

Biddy Staunton, aged 19

Mary Taylor, aged 19

Biddy Tully, aged 21

Catherine Tully aged 22


This Chronicle was created with thanks to the Mountbellew Workhouse Orphan Girls Project



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