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Hello all, I'm an American living in Texas, and have a DNA match to a gentleman whose ancestors lived in County Meath back in the early 1820's. Their surname was Matthews, just like mine, and I suspect they could be related to me, possibly indicating where my Matthews branch was living before they left for the US. I would really like to find any living Matthews males there in County Meath who might be interested in helping me research this, through DNA testing  The testing service I use is, which is based in Houston, TX. If you or anyone you know might be interested, just let me know. My email is, or you can message me here on the forum. Thanks,

Gerald Matthews





Friday 8th Apr 2022, 02:26AM

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  • Gerald:

    You note does not specify whether you are talking about Y-DNA testing or autosomal DNA testing. I presume it is Y-DNA which is expensive. My suggestion is that you place an advertisment in one of the local Co. Meath papers and see if you get any contacts. Here are two papers

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 9th Apr 2022, 01:48PM
  • Yes, YDNA, thanks for catching that. I'll take your advice and contact those papers. 


    Sunday 10th Apr 2022, 02:14PM
  • Gerald,  Hi I am a MATTHEWS from NJ.  My brother, Greg MATTHEWS,  has done Y-111 DNA thru FTDNA.  He is on the MATHEWS project but I find it too confusing.  I have a close MATHEWS  DNA link to another American, Bill Matthews', Uncle Robert, who acct he oversees.  I cannot figure out exactly how we match but we are only 2 generations away, I believe.  Are you on Gedmatch with autosomal DNA?  My MATHEWS , I believe was one T  & most of my older family spelled it that way.  I thought my Dad was the only 2 T, but I have since discovered some ot

    hers using 2 T's.  Bill Mathews has Meath rellies still living in Meath, I believe Donore area. My great grandfather was James MATHEWS b abt 1833-ish.  No idea of parents or where born, but was married living in Jersey City in the early 1850's.  He was a stone mason.  MY Gedmatch is RJ1598641 & Greg's is A575231.  


    Monday 2nd May 2022, 07:09PM

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