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Greetings from the USA - I am looking for a little genealogy help.


I am doing family research for my wife's family.  Her maiden name was Judith Keady and her ancestors came from Ireland around 1880.  I have fairly good evidence that suggests the Keady family that have been living in the Ballynastanford/Claremorris for many years are descendants from a common ancestor John Keady, born about 1800 and most likely the father also to Michael Keady of Ballynastanford.   Michael would have been born about 1830 and died in Ballynastanford in 1908. He was married to Honor Keady and they produced likely 6 children, two of which immigrated to the U.S. to St. Louis, Missouri where my wife is from (and we still live here).   


Those two children, John and Mary are buried in the same cemetery in St. Louis along with other Keady family.  Mary left a document dated 1896 that identifies her family members in Claremorris which appear to match the family of Michael Keady and Honor Rush-Keady from the 1901 Irish Census.  The other children of Michael and Honor appear to have remained in Ireland, one of which was a son named James (1870-1936).  The next three generations below: 


1)The son James and wife Anne Shivnane had three children, Nora, Mary and Michael.   


2) Michael and his wife Sarah Pendergast had 4 children, John, Michael, Mary and James "Jimmy" Keady


3) James "Jimmy" Keady and wife Maureen Walsh had 3 Children, PJ Keady, Michael, Mary Teresa (Finn)



I am trying to get in touch with living family members that may possibly be able to verify this relationship.  John Keady was married twice that we know of, the first to Bridget Burke, which I think likely to be mother to Michael Keady and the second to Bridget Loftus, who immigrated as a widow with my wife's ancestor Edward and his siblings Martin, Delia Bridget and Walter.  


From an Obituary from Jimmy Keady in 2015, I believe that PJ Keady (maybe 4th cousin to my wife Judith) may be living in the area and there are likely other living descendants that have moved around a bit.   We know little about our ancestor John Keady other than he had possibly 11 children by the two marriages, was a "Herd" (as was Michael and possibly James) in Eastern Galway and in County Mayo and may have died near Taum.   It would be wonderful if we could confirm this relationship and learn more about John Keady.    Perhaps there is a "family" historian amongst those living that may be able to shed some light and also be curious to learn about the St. Louis Keady family connection.


Any help would be most appreciated.  Our intentions are simply to learn more about where we came from.


Thanks for your patience and have a wonderful day.


Friday 8th Jan 2021, 01:19PM

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  • Hello, to locate living family, why not write a letter to the editor of the weekly Mayo News? You might have more luck that way, as your relatives are unlikely to be on IrelandReachingOut. Good luck!


    Friday 8th Jan 2021, 07:48PM
  • Thank you Patricia - Excellent Idea - I think I will give that a try.



    Saturday 9th Jan 2021, 01:55PM
  • Hi Gary I'm Micheal keady I'm a son of the late jimmy keady my email is hope to hear from you


    Saturday 7th Aug 2021, 05:16PM

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