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My name is Meg (Grant) Moloney.  My great grandmother was Anne T Kelly (1875-1945), daughter of John Kelly and Maria McKeowen Kelly.  I live in Boston but will be in Ireland June 15-21 and plan to visit Ardnaglug.  I am searching for information about the Kelly siblings who stayed in Ireland- Eliza and Patrick.   Anne T. Kelly, brother Martin and sister Rose emigrated to the Boston area.  Anne and her husband Michael J Kelley (1865-1928) are buried in Mattapan, which is part of Boston.  

Eliza stayed in Ardnaglug.  Eliza had a daughter by a married man.  This daughter Bridget had a daughter, Rosaleen Mitchell (died 26 March 1996).  Census records show teenage Bridget was a servant for the Dolan family. 

My second cousin Claireanne kept a diary of her visit to Ardnaglug in 1982.  She met a Mrs. Dolan, her daughter Mary and her newborn baby Patricia. 

Neilus Reynolds and Doreen Dolan of have an Uncle Joe Dolan (former Christian brother) who has a farm in Ardnaglug.  I believe he has some knowledge of this story. Joe Dolan seemed to think Bridget's father was a McDermott.  When I come to Ireland, I'd love to learn more and locate the remains of the knocked house, "east of the crossroads". 


How many siblings did Anne T Kelly have? What about Patrick? Where is Eliza buried?  

Who was Bridget's father?  Did he know his daughter?  Did his wife? 

Did Rosaleen and Frank Mitchell (died 5 April 1998) have any children?

Thanks for any info!!  Meg


Meg Moloney

Sunday 8th May 2022, 04:03AM

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  • Meg:

    Anne was actually born October 11 1870. See last record at the link below.…

    RC records for Moore parish start in 1872 but when I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland and did not find any records of children of John Kelly and Maria McKeown, I surmised that they were born before 1872.

    Martin was born in 1865. See fifth record…

    1901 census…

    1911 census…; (can't explain the understated ages)

    I will get back to you later with more information.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 8th May 2022, 12:22PM
  • Meg:

    Civil registration of births marriages and deaths started in 1864. Since I was unable to find a civil marriage record, I believe that John and Maria were married before 1864 and with no church records available until 1872, no record of the marriage is available. It is also possible that they had one or more children before 1864.

    It turns out that Eliza and Rose were twins.

    Last two records Eliza and Rose birth 1873…

    I did not look for a birth record for Patrick because there were too many Patrick Kelly births in the Ballinasloe registration district.

    I looked for a civil birth record for a Bridget Kelly around 1893 with a mother named Eliza Kelly but did not find a record. I assume the 7 year old Bridget in the 1901 census is the child of Eliza?

    The 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing for Moore civil parish shows only two Kellys in Ardnaglug--Thomas and Brien and I'm not sure how they were connected to John.

    Brien and Thomas…

    Not sure I can answer your questions. I found records for three siblings to Anne. Did not find a birth record for Patrick. I did not find a record for the Bridget child of Eliza. I did not find a good lead on a death record for Eliza. She may be buried in the local cemetery near the church.

    Our access to birth records online stops in 1921. Did Bridget the daughter of Eliza marry or was Rosaleen born out of Wedlock?


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 8th May 2022, 04:14PM
  • Meg:

    I got lucky and found that Patrick Kelly died in 1920 and Elizabeth was the informant. See fourth record.…



    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 8th May 2022, 05:07PM
  • I'm trying to find the children of Rosaleen and Frank Mitchell. I believe they had a son.  In the early 80s, cousin Claireanne met them in Ardnaglug. I'll be in Ireland June 15-22 and hope to meet my long lost cousins! 
    Meg Moloney real name Marie- Elena Rose Grant 





    Meg Moloney

    Monday 30th May 2022, 04:31PM
  • Meg:

    This site may be of interest.

    Have a great trip!


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 30th May 2022, 09:02PM
  • Dear Meg, 

    Thanks to Roger for fowarding this message.  I live here in Ardnaglug and will show you location of former McDermott home. My neighbour Gerry Ryan will know its approximate location.

    Patrick Kelly was born on 11 Jan 1875. A Maria Kelly death was recorded for 18 Jan 1875. This is likely Maria McKeown as complications of child birth were cause of death. I am not certain but there was a death  on 24 Jan 1918 of a Patrick Kelly in Ardnaglug which I believe was likely her son  Patrick. .…


    Age is inflated by 5 years as his birth was 1875 ( so that would be 42 years). 

    Eliza Kelly ( Lizzie Kelly) death notice  in 1956 states her burial was to Kilbegley Graveyard in the parish of Moore. These headstones have been recorded by Moore History Group ( 2015 – 2016) but names of members of this family are not listed so there must not be a headstone or names are not on an existing headstone. People locally still remember Eliza Kelly. The farm passed to Bridget McKeown and later was sold.  

    McDermotts no longer live in Ardnaglug.There were two families of McDermotts back then. One family have traced roots back to Ardnaglug. 

    Rosaleen Mitchell had children.  I know one lives in Ballinasloe  and one in Clonfad, Moore.  I can check that out in the meantime. 

    Look forward to meeting you when you visit Ardnaglug. We can share email addresses later

    Kind regards











    Moore Roscommon

    Tuesday 7th Jun 2022, 03:18PM
  • Hi again, 


    I should have said I can show you former home of Eliza Kelly. Marie 


    Moore Roscommon

    Tuesday 7th Jun 2022, 08:13PM
  • Marie 


    I am thrilled to connect with you! Thanks for reaching out. My husband and I will be staying with his cousins  in Roscommon on Saturday, June 18. Would you or your contacts be available on Sunday June 19? I also have availability on Monday the 20th. Rosaleen and Frank's children are fascinating to me since my cousin Claireanne met Frank and Rosaleen Mitchell. Their children are my only living relatives in Ireland. I would anticipate they would be in their 50s or 60s? I am 52 so I'm sure we'd have plenty to chat about!


    Meg Moloney

    Thursday 9th Jun 2022, 08:27PM
  • Marie:

    Thanks for your assistance.


    Have a great trip!


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 10th Jun 2022, 03:25PM
  • Hi Meg, 


    Thank you for your reply.  Sunday June 19th is good to meet in Ardnaglug.  My personal email is for arrangements. The lady 'Mrs Dolan..." that your cousin refered to in her diary has passed away but her daughter that you met will join us when you visit.  

    Looking forward to meeting you in Ardnaglug

    Best wishes, 





    Moore Roscommon

    Friday 10th Jun 2022, 10:19PM
  • I'm looking forward to our visit! Do you have any leads on children of Rosaleen and Frank Mitchell? Meg

    Meg Moloney

    Monday 13th Jun 2022, 02:11AM

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