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My family have an indirect link with Annie Armstrong, proprietor of the Railway Hotel, Lisburn, in the late 1880s. The link is through Teresa Brady, nee Maguire. Her son called Annie 'aunt', we're not sure what exactly 'aunt' implies = parent's sister (unlikely), some sort of cousin (perhaps), close family friend (also, perhaps).. There is also a much-younger *cousin* Lizzie Smyth mentioned at the Railway Hotel in the 1901 Census, there was a query about her in this site in 2017 - she later married an Andrew O'Connor, and I don't know anything else about her, but maybe some connection here.

My main interest is finding out what the link is between Teresa Brady nee Maguire, and Annie Armstrong. Teresa's immediate family lived in Lisburn even though she married in Belfast, her father was James Maguire, farmer; possibly a sister Mary (married a Brady, 1883), possibly a brother Patrick. Otherwise, I don't know much about either's family history, the info I do have on their siblings and their families (the ones I know of) doesn't help much. 

Is there any known info on either's extended family (cousins, Annie's birth mother)? 

Although both families were resident in 1800s Lisburn, I'm also wondering if there may have been further-back Fermanagh ancestry decades previously. 
Maureen Norrie






Sunday 16th Aug 2020, 09:19AM

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  • Elizabeth Smyth’s marriage in 1904. Her father was William and he was dead by 1904.

    The 1901 census tells you that Lizzie/Elizabeth was born in Belfast c 1873-74. If you have access to Rootsireland and search the possible births with father’s name William, you may find her birth certificate and from that her parents details. There’s about 20 possible records.

    Annie was born in Co Antrim c 1853 (according to the 1901 census). That’s before the start of statutory birth registration so you won’t get a birth certificate for her. If she was born in Lisburn then the RC parish doesn’t have any baptism records for the period you need. Obviously she didn’t marry and so no fathers names to be obtained from a marriage certificate.  No easy way of identifying her father or mother.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 16th Aug 2020, 09:58AM
  • Hi,

    we have some info on Annie Armstrong's immediate family from other sources, it doesn't explain the Maguire association. Annie's mother died when she was a baby, then in 1854 her father John remarried Mary McLaughlin (of Lisburn), Annie had a full- older brother James, who married Margaret Ferris whose mother was a Brady, and a younger half-brother Michael married Christina O'Hara and had a big family. We think Margaret Ferris would at closest have been 2nd or 3rd cousin to the husband of Teresa Brady nee Maguire.. 

    However, from family stories, there was an additional link between Annie and the Maguire family, we're trying to find out if this was biological or if they were close family friends. That's why we're trying to explore any known cousins on either side. Also, it's possible Teresa's family may have had Fermanagh origins, and wonder if the Armstrong's did as well. Really wondering if anyone remembers any information about Annie Armstrong's life that would help!

    Thanks, Maureen









    Sunday 16th Aug 2020, 08:56PM

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