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I've  recently discovered  the surname Arundel in my family tree.   The family I think I'm related to were from Grancore, Clonakilty.  Apparently my ancestor moved to Galway around the time of the Great Famine.  I know a Margaret Arundel married James Donovan in 1936 in Clonakilty.  Margaret's father was John and William was her grandfather.  If anyone has further information on the Arundels of Clonakilty in general, or on the Grancore branch of which William born about 1801 is the farthest back I can trace,  then I would be extremely grateful.  The names Edward and Edmund seem to also  appear  in this family.  Thank you.  Breda Alcorn.   

Breda Alcorn

Wednesday 19th May 2021, 01:04PM

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  • Hi Breda,

    I attach detail of a William Arundel - marriage 1799. Parish of Lislee. The record is partly in latin and difficult to decipher.

    There are "Arundel"/ Arundell records in County Cork from 1602.. 

    Some are Church of ireland and others Roman Catholic.

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    Thursday 20th May 2021, 09:48AM
  • Hi Breda,

    You have mentioned that there was a connection to Galway - Arundel.

    I attach detail of a "Michael Arundel" born in Cork c1822 who joined the British Army in 1841 and retired to Galway city following retirement.

    There is a Civil marriage record for a Michael Arundel in Birr, Co. Offaly in June 1864 to a Jane Fitzgerald. As there are a number of families named "Arundel" in that County, it cannot be regarded as the same person! 

    Best Wishes,


    Thursday 20th May 2021, 02:20PM
  • Further Information:  Civil Marriage record - 1864 - Birr - and Military pension Galway.

    There was a Miitary barracks in Birr, so it is possible that this was his last posting?

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    Thursday 20th May 2021, 02:36PM
  • Hi McCoy 

    thanks for the info.  I'm  amused to see Michael Arundel pop up again as originally my family were told a Jane Arundel was an ancestor.  She was however, Arundel by marriage and yes Michael was her husband.  He  did live  in  Galway and ended his days in  Birr.  I spent a fair bit of time  looking into Michael's  family and the details didn't make sense.  I was then  told our  ancestor was Johanna from Clonakilty, born around 1830.  She was living  in Athenry by 1861.  I only located one Johanna with birth date  and location close to what I know.  William based in the Kilgarriff area was her father as far as I know.  Grancore (modern spelling) seems to have been  their  townland.  Margaret Arundel who married a James Donovan in 1936 is William's  granddaughter.   It would be great to discover any living Cork descendants  or to go further back the line.  The Clonakilty parish records  have Joan Regan down as mother of Johanna,  christened 1829.  However there seem to have been several Joan Regans in the area.            Thanks so much for your efforts,    I'll  look into what you came up with.  Breda Alcorn.  

    Breda Alcorn

    Thursday 20th May 2021, 07:00PM
  • My ancestor  spent some time in  the U.S.  from about the 1840s to about 1860.  She was Joanna Arundel born 1829 from Clonakilty. Would it be possible to find her on ships passenger lists and how would I go about this?  I don't  have exact dates or know what U.S. Port she travelled to.  

    Thank you.

    Breda Alcorn.

    Breda Alcorn

    Sunday 11th Jul 2021, 06:49PM
  • Hi I have a lot of information on Arundel family in Clonakilty
    My mother was Arundel
    Details contact Mike 0863225479


    Friday 17th Dec 2021, 10:58AM

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