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My family name is Bowie and I live in Ottawa, Canada. My GGGrandfather was Michael James Bowie. His tombstone reads that he was a native of Sligo, Ireland. As per the Canadian census, he was born in 1795. His wife was Sarah Cecilia O’Brien. On a visit to Sligo some years back we were able to find their marriage record (September 30, 1826). Family lore says they sailed to Canada in 1829. We have been able to trace them once in Canada after about 1832 but Ireland has been a brick wall.

Their marriage record is in Riverstown and the family name is spelled BEOY. The Flax Growers records show a Hugh and Michael BEOY on the O’Hara Estate in 1795. The tithe appointment books show a number of BOEY names in Ballynamoney, Tully and Balnamona in 1824. The 1901 and 1910 Irish census show a number (BUOYE, BUOEY, BEAHEY, BOWEY) in Carowgavneen, Tobercurry etc.

I have not been able to connect my GGGrandfather to any of these families, though it is likely that he is. If anyone has a family tree for the BEOY family in this area, or any other suggestions, it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


Monday 29th Mar 2021, 10:56PM

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  • Hello - Your note was passed on to me to see if I could shed any light on your question. The trail is a bit thin, but let us see....    Do you have a death certficate for you GGGrandfather? If you have one, or can get one, check to see if there is any more definitive place that he came from - a village or twonland. Or - if you can locate the ship manifast, check his name and perhaps there it may state where he is from. Any family bible or similar book with informaiton written down? Any naturalization papers?  Now - in Ireland - the marriage record. You said Riverstown. What other facts are on the document? Witnesses, townland etc. You may be able to search the church records for the church to see who else may have stayed on in Ireland in that parish. For the O'Hara estate, Via the search engine DuckDuckgo I put in O'Hara Estate, Co. SLigo, IR - lots of information to review if that helps. Going past the tithe appointment books - can you match anyone in the Griffiths Valuation records - at the least you may get a townland identified.  WIth that you can start checking birth, marriage and death records. Then land recods vis the Irish Survey Office - if a branch of the family gained land during the land reform period and beyond. If you have any 'hits' and think it is your family, then you can go on to the 1901 and 1911 Census. You might tyr them anyway - townland by townland in Co. Sligo - to see and note. Two books to recommend: John Grenham's "Tracing your Irish Ancestors" 5th Edition and James G. Ryan's 2012 book, publiched in Ireland, "Tracing your Sligo Ancestors."   Lastly, perhaps a small personal ad in "The Sligo Champion" looking for people with that family name. I have not come across it myself. I know it can be a tough track to follow, but the fun is in the hunt. Best of luck. Steve Lemken




    Drumrat Sligo

    Wednesday 14th Apr 2021, 08:33PM

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