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My ancester Bridget Daniel was from Killenaule and Baptized on July 29, 1817 in Cashel and Emily Parish.

Her parents were James Daniel and Mary Hogan from the same area.

Would be interested in hearing from anyone desceded from these ancesters.


Saturday 13th Feb 2021, 03:52PM

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  • Hi Murph, looked up the Baptism in the original register for Bridget , with father James and mother Mary, the address given was 

    Killenaule, probably the village Sponsors James and Mary Finn.

    The name Daniel was usually O,Donnell if you look closely at the entry you will see the o  in front of the surname.

    Killenaule is in Tipperary south riding in the Barony of Slieveardagh.

    I notice Historic Graves have enumerated the headstones there.

    Best of luck with your research and let me know if you would like me to look up more for you.

    Christina Voliunteer.

    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 15th Feb 2021, 11:35AM
  • Wow, Thank you so much! Is there any way that we can check the baptismal records of James O Donnell and Mary Hogan?

    Thanks again!


    Tuesday 16th Feb 2021, 12:44PM
  • Hi again Murph, apologies for delay in responding to your query.

    I was going through the  Grffiths Valuation recerds for Tipperary South riding Barony Slieveardagh.

    Found Killenaule  Parish, and Village.

    Will get back to you this evening with I have found.


    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 22nd Feb 2021, 11:28AM
  • Murph,  went through  Griffiths valuation for Tipperary south riding Barony Slieveardagh parish Killenaule.

    Found  John Donnell in Killenaule village,  Richard Donnell in Killeen  townland  house leased from  Thomws Dwyer.

    Mary O,Donnell widow in main st John  DANIEL  in Boherlug.

    found two Hogans in the townland of Killeen as well, one with the nickname William.

    Found Timothy  and Richard Hogan in Townland of   Monslatt.   Griffiths can be accessed at

    You ask about baptisms, records for Killenaule very good and free to access at

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Vonunteer  Christina.

    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 23rd Feb 2021, 09:08AM
  • My ggg grandmother was Bridget Daniel. She married William Sweetman. Their children were Ellen (1835) James (1836-1903), Margaret (1839) and William (1841-1926). Their son William was my gg grandfather and he was a native of Cashel CO Tipperary, he was born in the RC Parish of Powerstown. William emigrated to Irvington on Hudson, NY in 1865 where he was a gardener and superintendent for the mansions of the New York wealthy.
    Christina, so the surname Daniel is O'Donnell?
    Murph, Which of Bridget's children are you descended from? I have been in touch with a descendent of James (1836-1903) and we are a DNA match. Would love to hear from you. Teresa Sweetman

    Terry S

    Sunday 6th Jun 2021, 02:26AM
  • Terry, I have seen it enumerated as Daniel as well.

    All the Catholic Church records now on line free at

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Christina Irelandxo . Volunteer

    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 8th Jun 2021, 04:04PM
  • Hi Terry, 

    Sorry for the delay in responding, 

    Thank you for your reply. My GGG grandmother I believe was Bridget Daniel baptized in Killenaule July29, 1817. (1817-1896)

    She married Michael Murphy (1815-1889).

    I am decended  from their son Jeremiah (1854-1929). He was a postman that lived in Killenule his whole life.

    I am not sure that we are talking about the same Bridget Danilel but I have taken the Ancestry DNA test and would be interested to see if we are related some how.

    I checked for your name as a cousin on the DNA test but did not see your name

    Best regards,





    Saturday 12th Jun 2021, 02:22PM
  • James,

    Thank you for reply.  It does appear that my ggg grandmother Bridget Daniel (sometimes listed as Margaret Daniel) is a different person from your ggg grandmother.  My ggg grandmother's children were born in the RC Parish of Powerstown. My ggg grandfather William Sweetman's brother James Sweetman died in 1903 in Longfield, Cashel. I have tested on Ancestry and FamilyTree DNA.  I don't see you as a match on Ancestry however we could still be related, but too far back for it to show up in DNA.    Our families were certainly in the vicinity of each other.

    I noticed a number of Daniels in the 1847 Tipperary workhouse.  It is not indexed so it was a slog to read all entries.  Patrick Daniel age 20 laborer p 31 of the registry.Margaret Daniel age 70, widow p 35 of the registry, William Daniel age 40 married pg 43 of the workhouse registry.  FYI in case your interested. 




    Terry S

    Tuesday 15th Jun 2021, 02:27AM
  • Thank you Terry,

    I am actually planning a trip to Killenaule for August or September of this year.But I am not sure that I will learn any more about family ancestors as there is so much on line.

    Thank you for your suggestion and I will take a look at the Tipperay workhouse of 1847. -Must have just been horrible during the potato famine.Hard to beieve that our ancestors endured.


    Tuesday 15th Jun 2021, 12:05PM
  • Records for people who died in the Workhouse are on line under Civil parishes, at Tipperary Studies Digitisation Project.

    Headstone inscriptions, on same website.

    Christina Irelandxo, Volunteer.


    Christina, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 15th Jun 2021, 03:58PM
  • Thanks, Christina.


    It's good to visit and see the terrain where your ancestors lived.  Tipperary was known as "Bloody Tipperary" during the Great Hunger times, due to many murders and crime.  Fourteen of my sixteen  gg grandparents lived through the 1845-51 Gorta Mor, evictions etc.  They were from East Galway/Roscommon, Kerry, Limerick, Donegal and Tipperary and emigrated. Then all their descendents married other Irish.  Epigenetics, we have that trauma in our genes too.



    Terry S

    Thursday 17th Jun 2021, 02:21AM
  • Based on the baptism records Bridget had five siblings Thomas 1815 Mary 1820  Joanna 1822 James 1825 and John 1829. 

    James McCormack

    Saturday 2nd Jul 2022, 09:24PM
  • Thank you James.

    It will probably be a year or so before I can get back to Killenaule.

     I really enjoyed my visit last September. 

     I will get back into reseaching this line agian soon and try to reach out and make more connections.


    Sunday 3rd Jul 2022, 05:40PM

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