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Hello. I would love to be pointed in the right direction in learning more, much more, about my Irish ancestors. I have many, but would like to start with the Cantwell's and Haley / Healy families. My great-great grandfather, Thomas Cantwell, immigrated to Boston, MA circa 1848, age 28. In 1851 (also listed as age 28) he married Mary Haley / Healy (Roscommon) age 19 in Lawrence, MA. Any help would be extremely appreciated!

Lowry Spindler Phelps

Monday 22nd May 2023, 11:33PM

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  • Sorry, but I forgot to mention that on the marriage registry of Thomas Cantwell & Mary Haley / Healy, his parents names are listed as Michael & Catherine Cantwell. I also know, based on census records, that Thomas's older brother, Michael Cantwell, lived with them in Pennsylvania. 

    Lowry Spindler Phelps

    Monday 22nd May 2023, 11:57PM

    I looked at some records on Ancestry and saw that in 1880, Thomas’s birth year was given as 1815.  In the 1855 MA state census, his first two children were named Michael and Katy, the names of his parents.  I found this baptism for a Thomas Cantwell in 1812 in Tipperary, but I can’t swear it is your ancestor. But it could be. Further research would be needed.


    Name: Thomas Cantwell      

    Baptized 4-Sep-1812

    Parish/District:            Templetuohy 

    Co. Tipperary

    Roman Catholic

    Father: Michael Cantwell       

    Mother:Catherine Dwyer



    John Cormack

    Judith Butler


    Tuesday 23rd May 2023, 01:07AM
  • Thank you so much, Patricia. Your reply is greatly appreciated.

    The 1900 US census shows that Mary (widowed) had 10 children, 8 living. Since Thomas and Mary wed in Feb 1851 and my great grandmother (Katy - the first child of theirs that I was aware of) wasn't born until 1854, I've wondered whether they had lost a child before her. However, of their 9 children accounted for, I've yet to find death information for two of them - Bridget b. 1864 and Julia b. 1868. I assume Julia died young because she's only listed in the 1870 US census, but Bridget was in both 1870 and 1880 censuses. Young, but conceivable old enough to have married and moved out. 

    Regarding the baptism of Thomas, I'm not sure about the date; but it seems his listed age varies from doc to doc. One thing, though, I know I have seen the name Dwyer before, but I cannot recall where. I searched a few times before replying, but came up empty handed. I'll keep looking, though. If you, or anyone else, have any suggestions about where I can search, please let me know.


    Lowry Spindler Phelps

    Thursday 25th May 2023, 02:27AM

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