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Researching at least three generations of men from Cork city named Nicholas Peterson. At least two were sea captains and the obituary of one summarises an eventful life. Would love to find a full history of the man: “This morning, at his house on the Brickfield's Road, Mr. Nicholas Peterson, formerly owner and shipmaster of a Vessel of this Port. The accumulation of misfortunes which it has pleased Providence to visit him with, has been very great indeed, once in comfortable circumstances, he lost his all by his capture and long confinement in French prison, since his escape from which, he creditably supported a wife and very large family, now, unhappily left without any means under heaven, save the generous assistance of a benevolent Public.” (Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier 7 April 1825

File of my research notes attached.


Saturday 25th Mar 2023, 12:44AM

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