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I am searching for information about my ancestors from Drumcondrath, County Meath.  According to the 1911 English census my second great grandmother, Ann Carney, was born there in around 1845.  I have her marriage certificate and on it she states that her father's name is Edward Carney and he was still alive when she married in 1864 in Wigan, Lancashire.  That is the only information I have regarding that branch of the family.  In some sources it has Drumcondrath in Cavan, but she states that she was born in County Meath.

I was wondering if anyone has any information regarding this area or where is best to look.  I have tried the online Irish records, but had no joy.  As we are visiting County Meath I would be keen to know if there is any information that anyone on the board could help me with?




Thursday 7th Jul 2022, 07:22PM

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  • Carol,

    Did Ann Carney marry William Green in Wigan, Lancashire in 1864?  I found a marriage index record for them, but it does not have her father's name. There is another Ann Carney who married a Thomas Brannan on 11 Sep 1864 in Liverpool, Lancashire, and on that record it shows her father as Edward Carney. I don't mean to dispute the marriage certificate you mentioned, but when I looked at parish baptismal records for Drumconrath, Co. Meath, there is one for an Anne Carney born on 15 Sep 1844 in Killyon and Longwood, Meath with parents Thomas Carney and Judith Sheridan. IF she did marry William Green, I've seen an Ancestry tree with their second son named Thomas....this fits the Irish naming tradition of naming the second son after the mother's father. I hope this information is accurate and helpful. 




    Friday 8th Jul 2022, 05:01PM
  • Hi Carolyn

    Thanks for your reply.  My second great grandma is the Ann Carney that married William Green, my great-grandma was Mary Ann and she married William Thomas Beioley, my grandma was Grace Beioley.  In my research I have peiced together information that Grace, Jack, Maud and Teddy told me when they were alive, cemetery records and I requested Ann and William's marriage certificate.  These 4 were Mary Ann's children and I knew them well when I was growing up, this is why I believe that I am on the right track.  I'm reluctant to disregard the information on the marriage certificate as everything else on there fits with my research and knowledge. 

    When I have time I will look at the names and locations that you have given me as I know that some census takers made mistakes.  It's just like putting a puzzle together.

    Thanks again for taking the time and trouble of replying to my post.

    Kind regards



    Saturday 9th Jul 2022, 08:03PM

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