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I am searching for relatives of Michael Carroll & Emily Carroll (nee Power) they were living on Brian Boru Street, Clontarf on the 1911 census of Ireland.

At that time they had 5 children, Annie (7), Eddy (5), Michael (4), Eveline (2) and baby Maggie.

I am researching the Power Family (also from Clontarf) on behalf of Power cousins in Phila, USA.

Would be grateful if anyone knows of living relatives of this family.

Thank You. 


Monday 7th Oct 2019, 05:03PM

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  • For reference here’s a link to your Carroll family on the 1911 census at Brian Buro Street, head of household & father ‘Michal’ shown as a Newsagent born Dublin City, rest of the household born County Dublin. Emily indicates that the couple are 8 years married, so c1903, and that they have had 5 children, all of which are still alive as of 1911.

    The youngest child Margaret is shown as aged 10 months, and was registered as Margaret Mary after she was born in 5th June 1910.  The couple’s first child Annie was born at Seaview Avenue, Clontarf in March 1904, and at that time Michael is shown as a Labourer, by the time of Edwards birth less than a year later in March 1905  Michael is shown as a newsagent, they still lived at Seaview Avenue but by the time their next child Michael is born they have moved to the Brian Boru Street address.

    Brian Boru Street is listed in Thom’s 1917 directory as ‘45 small cottages’ off Conquer Hill Road, Clontarf. The street is still there and contains at least some cottages that appear to date from that time period.

    Michael and Emily married at St. John’s Cathoic Church Clontarf on the 31st May 1903, the groom was full age (i.e. 21 or over) the bride was a minor (i.e. under 21), Michael is shown as a labourer, it’s the first marriage for both and both give their residence as Seaview Avenue Clontarf. The groom’s father is Patrick Carroll a labourer, and the bride’s father Edward power, an Agent, the witnesses were William Barrett and Christina Purcell.

    The 1901 census shows a Michael Carroll, builder’s labourer on Seaview Avenue, a possible match for your Michael.. his age is shown as 24, which is a little off, but not unusual. Two of Michael’s brother’s are also in the household - Laurence age 21 and John age 16.

    The 1901 census also shows a very good match for your Emily at Seaview Avenue - transcribed as Emmily - also at Seaview Avenue Clontarf, also in the household are her parents Mciahel & Julia, and two sisters - Maggy and Jula (Julia) - Edward’s occupation is shown as ‘News Agent’..

    Births up to 1919 are available on the IrishGenealogy website and I checked for any further children to Michael & Emily - 

    Rosanna Carroll born 18th April 1912, 13 Brian Boru Street, Clontarf, father’s occ. Labourer
    Twins : Leo Carroll born 21st February 1914, 13 Brian Boru Street, Clontarf, father’s occ. Labourer
                Kevin Carroll (same details)
    Christina Mary Carroll born 25th December 1915, 13 Brian Boru Street, Clontarf, father’s occ. Labourer
    Desmond Carroll born 25th July 1919, 13 Brian Boru Street, Clontarf, father’s occ. Labourer

    (let me know if you dont have the birth register entries for these and I can post links…)

    Searching forward is more difficult as more ‘recent’ records are not available online - you can access marriages up to 1944 and deaths up to 1969 on the (free) IrishGenealogy website. Carroll (and O’Carroll} is quite a common surname, so it may be difficult to trace the child in detail especially if they moved away.

    You could consider adding the key details of your Carroll/Power family to our Ancestor Database, that way any others researching the same family can find the details and maybe connect.


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 23rd Jul 2020, 01:22PM
  • Hello

    I am a relative of Emily and Micheal!

    Just researching them and came across this message board! 


    Tuesday 23rd Mar 2021, 11:18PM

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