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I'm hoping a Sligonian will be able to help me locate the townland of Collesford the seat of the Colles Family in the 18th century.  Dudley Colles' Will dated 1739 states that he is "of Collesford Co Sligo" however, it nowhere in the documentation or related Deeds describe the Barony in which Collesford lies.  Irish Townlands website does not include Colllesford so I assume the name was replaced or reverted back to it's original after the Colles family died out or went broke!  Dudley also held land in Maghrymore (presumably Maghermore) barony of Levny and Castlegal Barony of Carbury.  Anthony Colles also held land in Castleconnor Barony of Tieneragh (Co Mayo) although it is listed as Sligo in the Deed records. Any evidence of the Colles family in Co Sligo would be much appreciated.



Tuesday 19th Sep 2023, 03:48AM

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