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Hello there,

Back about the time covid struck I posted a query about the gravestone for which I have a photograph. I have a satisfying amount of information about the Conaglens of Donegal, except for the location of the gravestone.

I guessed it could be Doneyloop based on the other data I have, but it has never been listed or photographed for that site. The families lived at Dresnagh and most records are based around there - except where they are buried!

I would be very pleased to have this loose end sorted by someone telling me where these ancestors are actually buried; the gravestone is substantial, marble, and should have stood the test of time between when the photo was taken in the 1940s, by now-dead family ( and yes, I didn't ask enough questions! when they were around!

At the first time of asking no travelling was feasible (and I live in New Zealand), and no-one could check for me, so I hope now that the world is learning to live with covid, that I might possibly find out the answer to me query if someone can check up for me.

Yours - ever hopeful

Helen Conaglen


Thursday 24th Nov 2022, 01:34AM

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  • Helen,

    If you Post the photograph on this Site, somebody local may come up with the answer.



    Thursday 24th Nov 2022, 07:57AM
  • Hello again I had tried to post the gravestone photo, but somehow it didn't work. Have attached it again - fingers crossed!


    Sunday 27th Nov 2022, 04:21AM
  • Attached Files
    Third time is a charm?


    Sunday 27th Nov 2022, 04:22AM
  • Helen, The attached photo of this gravestone was posted on 17 Sep 2021 by Sarah Kelly an Ancestry user. Her tree is called the Morley_Kelly Family tree. She lives in the UK, so probably had the opportunity to travel there. It does state on the description of the gravestone that it is located in the Donneyloop graveyard.


    Sunday 27th Nov 2022, 09:21PM
  • Trying to attach the photo a second time!


    Sunday 27th Nov 2022, 09:24PM

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