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My husband has several Condon ancestors from the Scart/Wellmount and Kilscannel areas of County Limerick. They are James David Condon of Scart (d. 1851), Richard Smith Condon of Kilscannel House (d. 1847), and James Condon of Wellmount House (1801-1872). They all held land leases in these areas and were listed as "gentry" in the business directories of their time.

Either James D. or Richard S. had a son James (died abt 1827-1830) who married Catherine Naughton in 1825 in Kilcornan/Stonehall/Cappagh Parish (parish baptism & marriage records covered all 3 areas). This couple had a daughter, Winifred married to Patrick Houlahan who emmigrated to Canada about 1850 with their son John J.

From news articles I've seen, the residence of James Condon (1746-1826), the uncle of the above James David Condon was attacked (Capt Rock/Whiteboys) several times in 1821-22, and again 1846 when the lease was transferred over to James D Condon. I know there was much unrest at the time against land owners, lessors, "land-grabbers", and even well-to-do farmers.

Would love to talk to anyone that may share these ancestors or know anything about the Condon, Naughton, or Houlahan families.

Laurie Houlihan, Los Angeles, California 


Laurie H

Sunday 30th Sep 2018, 09:37PM

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  • Hi Laurie.

    I'm afraid I don't have much info for you, but I do own a book called A Pauper Warren: West Limerick 1845-49 by Gerard Curtin. This book deals with the unrest in West Limerick during this four year timeframe. There are many reports of criminal events.

    On Page 55 is mention of a James Houlahan  in Knocknabooly. On 11 Nov 1848 insurgents attacked his home, demanding arms. "They were refused and upon leaving, fired a shot through the front door."

    I own several other Co Limerick historical books, but there is no mention of any of your family members. Have you tried the Irish phone book? You may find people with those surnames still living in the areas mentioned.

    Best wishes,

    Patti Hacht

    Kilcolman & Shanagolden Co Limerick Parish Liaison

    Shanagolden Limerick

    Saturday 6th Oct 2018, 10:20AM
  • Laurie,

    13 May 1825 James Condon wed Catherine Naughton in Kilcornan. Sponsors Patrick Condon and Hanora Naughton.

    David Condon baptised Kilcornan 19 Jan 1826, Parents James Condon and Catherine Naughton. Sponsors Callaghan Guerin (?) and Phil Condon.



    Sunday 7th Oct 2018, 08:21AM
  • Patti & Ellen,

    Thank you so much for the information. Ellen - I saw the news article about the James Houlahan attack, but I didn't know it was in Knocknabooly. I assumed (incorrectly) it was at the farm of James Houlahan in Curragh More. And Patti - Thanks for the marriage & birth records!

    I always say that genealogy folks are the best -- all over the world. Thanks guys!!


    Laurie H

    Thursday 11th Oct 2018, 10:41PM
  • Hi Laurie, I am also researching a Condon,Catherine married 1825 to Thomas Harty(bd-abt-1790).They were from Kilune and their nine children were baptised in Pallacegreen and Templebredan parish. I dont recognize any of your names, so maybe there is no connection.  Marie




    marie ann

    Saturday 24th Nov 2018, 12:38AM
  • I have just come across your post in the course of researching the Condon family for a descendant of James Condon of Wellmount (in the course of which I am discovering various contacts with my own family in India under British rule, including taking part in gymkhanas, amateur theatricals and concerts).

    My own grandfather was christened Charles Condon. The most likely candidate for his godfather is James Hunt Condon 1833-1905, a doctor in the Indian Medical Service, whose final rank was Brigade-Surgeon.

    He was the son of James Condon 1801 -1872 (dates taken from your post), of Wellmount House, Rathkeale, co. Limerick, who  married Grace Ann Hunt (d 27 Feb 1839) in St. John’s, Limerick on 7 Jun 1825.

    Do you have more information about their parents ?



    Richard Swetenham

    Tuesday 22nd Jun 2021, 07:09AM

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