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I'm writing in an effort to find any one searching for the name Conroy, Co Sligo. I am planning a trip to Ireland in September of 2019 and am planning on visiting the area to see where my relatives lived in Co. Sligo. Any information on this family or if anyone actually knows any descendents from this family and could give me any information would be so greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your help or input....Sincerly Linda Flannigan Stanley


Monday 29th Oct 2018, 12:33AM

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  • Dear calebsnana:


    Thank you for your query to the message board.  We have a volunteer who is familiar with that area and he is aware of this post.  He will be replying to you in the next week or so, and may have further information. 


    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 12th Nov 2018, 01:34PM
  • Dear Jane,

            Thank you so much for getting back to me about this matter. I look forward to hearing from your volunteer source. 

    Sincerely, Linda Flannigan Stanley


    Tuesday 13th Nov 2018, 06:12PM
  • Dear Linda,

    I expect you will be busy as it’s neatly Christmas! So I’m not expecting a reply for a while. Just to let you know I have an ancestor Martin Conroy from county Sligo born about 1843, moved to UK by 1865.  I don’t know where he was born, he marries in Ballysadare parish (RC) and his father’s name is given as Peter, but no mother’s nsne and the marriage register  records he was born out of wedlock.  

    If any descendants of your Conroy have taken a DNA test do let me know,  My Mum and 2 cousins are tested  so if we had a match it would confirm a relationship.  I visited county Sligo last summer and loved it.  

    Best wishes for 2019, 




    Karen H

    Monday 24th Dec 2018, 07:11AM
  • Merry Christmas Eve! One thing to consider is that part of Co Sligo used to include 1/2 of Ballina and land on the east side of the River Moy...Rhw border was moved so that all of Ballina would be in the same county, about 1898. It must have been very confusing before that to have the city split into 2 counties, and if your place of birth was in the area how would you decide which county your marriage or baptism occurred?. This includes rural Ballina neighborhoods. both counties. Also try search words Kilmoremoy, Backs, Killala, Easkey, Lacken.. I do this also with dna matches and get many more results.

    Also, some place names have multiple locations with the same name, so it helps to keep an open mind about that. If you can find dna cousins that may help.


    Monday 24th Dec 2018, 12:17PM
  • Dear Karen,

          Thank you so much for the information you were able to supply. My ancestors, Luke and Winifred Conroy had a son named Peter who was born in 1890 (Keenaghan, Ballymote, Sligo) . He could very well be your ancestor Martins father. I have taken a DNA test through and would love to compare results with your Mum and cousins! Please reach out to me with names and I will look for any distant matches. Linda Flannigan Stanley is my name if you would like to look at your results for any matches. please find below the info. I have on Peter Conroy...Thank you again and I look forward to finding our roots. Best wishes also for a wonderful New Year!

                             Sincerely, Linda


    Name:Peter Conroy



    Birth Year:abt 1890

    Relation to Head:Son

    Residence Date:2 Apr 1911




    Household Members:NameAgeLuke Conroy72

    Winey Conroy70

    Peter Conroy21

    John Conroy76



    Wednesday 26th Dec 2018, 05:51AM
  • Dear Paullinbaby,

           Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for the information you've provided. It can be very hard to research when you don't know these important details. I will broaden my search using these new names....again, thank you for your help. Best wishes for the New Year!

                                  Sincerly Linda Flannigan Stanley


    Wednesday 26th Dec 2018, 06:00AM
  • Linda, I am also at dna.Ancestry, and I don't see you but I do have many CONROY matches. One goes back to Martin CONROY (1851-1912)+ Mary FLYNN (1871-) . Their dau Bridget CONROY (1903-1949) married Patrick FAHY (1906-1973) in nearby Galway. My family are from Mayo & Sligo, but likely some moved over to Galway by that date. FAHY is a lot like FOY, and I am a FOY (my g'grandmother).

    Even though I don't see you as a match here, it might show up at (free!) which combines data from all test sites. My Gedmatch kit #A915939.

    Anna CONRYO (1890-1965) Co Mayo to Nebraska, m James Francis MUNNELLY (186501930). I am rel to basically all the MUNNELLY's in Mayo & Sligo, my g'g'grand Catherine MANLEY/MUNNELLY b 1808 Mayo, d abt 1860 IL, USA. I would be there were other marriages bet the families. Parents of Ann CONROY were Patrick CONEOY (1852-) + Cath. GALLAGHER (1856-) of Glenamoy, Mayo.

    I also have Ellen CONROY b 1843 Ireland, m Patrick NEALON (1845-1912). My g'g'g'grandmother is Bridget NEALON b abt 1790 Rathlacken, just n of Ballina, Mayo. I know some of this family em. to Lancashire, England.


    Friday 28th Dec 2018, 01:49PM
  • Hello Linda - My apologies for not replying to your note a lot earlier. Jane Ryan was diligent in letting me know and the lateness is all on me. Juggling a bit.  My name is Steve Lemken and my relations came from the area around Kesh Corran, outside of Ballymote, Co. Sligo. I've a small cottage near there for 20 plus years and have gotten to know the area a bit, having researched my ancestors and relations in the area. It has not been easy - but because I learned early on where they were from - the specific town land and parish - I've managed.

    I note the informaiton you provided above re Peter Conroy. If you have a paper trail, starting with you and working backwards, and all is  correct, you are on a good track. I provide information below to help you continue on the research track. Much more satifying when you connect the dots yourself. 


    If you have not already done so, I do recommend getting a copy of Tracing Your Irish Ancestors: The Complete Guide. Fourth Edition by John Gresham. A good investment for future work. Get on Amazon. You'll run over more in the future, but this book does help.

    Irish records are a jumble, especially for those in the West. It takes time and patience. There has been a great the loss of many records over the years - espicially government and other records before 1900 due to fires and war. Pre 1800 records are especially rare - except for the estate records in Belfast - and some in Dublin - that I mention below.  Besides Ireland's research sites, a look at the records of North Ireland via their research site/center in Belfast could be in order, especially with your ancestor being from Ballymote and they may have connections with the Gore-Booths, who owned a good part of Ballymote in years past. See the site at and find some estate records of owners of land at the time for lists of tenants. It will take time and may or may not be fruitful but I did find a reference to folks I think are my ancestors on the Gore-booth estate in a near by townland. Tis a very searchable site. 


    It helps to know, as specifically as possible, the townland and/or parish where your ancestor was born. You have Keeneghan in Ballymote. One of my cousins was born there in the 1920s, so I am familir with the area. You should be able to track backwards from there with a look through research sites noted below.  A side thought here: There is a very nice B&B in Keenaghan - the Mill House - for consideration if you are looking for places to stay. There is also the Coach Hotel. Other B&Bs, AirBnBs and self accommodations are in the area.  And Doddy's Pub down the street is a excellent stop at the end of the day. The owner John and his staff are grand. A short walk.


    Another avenue to pursue is through the tithe applotments - using the name you are seeking - and the Griffiths Valuation data. This is a wild card shot. If a name in the Tithe can be matched with a GV name - which would have to be a family member who stayed in Ireland - you can jump from the GV into information via Ireland's Valuation office - which keeps land tenant and ownership records in each town;and. I've used that to track my families acquisition and work on local land. Having my living relations to confirm much of this helped. 


    Below are the names of heads of families in the Toomour and Drumbeat parishes in 1833-4.

    The Tithe Applotment Books are records compiled between 1823 and 1837 to determine the amount which occupiers of agricultural holdings over one acre should pay in tithes to the Church of Ireland. We recommend a visit to the sites below for more information.

    Explore Griffith’s Valuation online at these sites: valuati/

    Looking for more about properties? See the Valuation’s Office web site at

    Follow the links. Some material is online, other information is digitized at their office to view.

    Once you have a name and place - you can revisit church records sites at to check if similarly named people are in that area. You'll want to go to the sectin of the Diocese of Achonory, Emlaghfad Parish. And Ballymote Parish. 

    More information may be found at the National Archives Genealogy Website. Access the Census Records for 1901 and 1911 and many other informative sites at

    Parish Online Resources 

    Diocese of Achonry | County of Sligo   Variant forms of parish name: Keash [includes townlands in Drumrat and Toomour]

    This website contains images from the National Library of Ireland’s collection of Catholic parish register microfilms. The registers contain records of baptisms and marriages from the majority of Catholic parishes in Ireland and Northern Ireland up to 1880. Go to  These are incomplete but you may be surprised! 

    Other online resources for other denominations may be found at,_Ireland_Genealogy#Church_Records

     Census of Ireland 

    Census pages may be accessed through The National Archives of Ireland. 

    This is the home page:

    I recommend reading the information available to become familiar with the records. The Census pages has more about individuals and families and their houses and land.

    Look at the Hearth Rolls - another tax listing. I think you can find online too.

    Oh - if you are lucky and Peter and his family are your relations, they may be buried in the area. There is a local cemetery past the Catholic Church. I know who has the records for it. 

    What else can we know about our old parishes and townlands?

    County Sligo is long inhabited, and the folks who lived here left many reminders - like the ringforts dotting the fields. You can now learn more of these and other monuments via the Archaeological Survey of Ireland, a unit of the National Monuments Service, and its’ online database base. Go to and look for the Historic Environment Viewer - an on-line digital service provided by the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. Tis quite a tool. The viewer is accessible on most browsers and platforms, including smart phones.

    I also recommend checking out the Ordanance Survey site for maps of the area stretching back centuries - see this site It takes a wee bit of time to learn the controls to get into the maps - but go in and land on Co SLigo - then zoom to Ballymote and work from there. Use the map tools on the left to see the area in diffeent years etc. 

    I also recommend doing a Google - or Duck Duck Go [the browser I use] search for Ballymote history, and Co. Sligo hisotry, and myths and tales of the area. It helps to know a bit of the area's history when there and talking with peoplle.

    I'll leave you here for now. Please let me know if this has been helpful - or not. Suggest what else you think you may need in terms of resources to explore. I should be in Ireland when you arrive next year and you can decide if we should meet - I'd be happy be point you too local interests etc. I will check with my friends and relations in the area re the last name Conroy. It rings a bell - I just do not wish to promise anything. Best of luck in your jouney.


    Steve Lemken







    Drumrat Sligo

    Friday 4th Jan 2019, 03:37AM
  • Hello again,

    Linda, I posted my Conroy information above - my Martin Conroy, son of Peter, married in 1863 so your Peter is not yet born then.  

    I have checked gedmatch for kit A915939 (listed above in post by Paullinbaby)  but this kit does not match any of my family.   

    Enjoy county Sligo, it is beautiful, and do visit graveyards which all have boards listing the people on the headstones) and try to talk to local people - they have long memories.  

    I stayed at Rosses Point - very lovely, and the drives along the coast are amazing.  

    Kind regards


    Karen H

    Saturday 5th Jan 2019, 10:17AM
  • Hi Linda

    I'm late by amore than a year but I  have a little piece of information that may be of interest to you -----Peter Conroy from Keeneghan Ballymote worked here on this farm for my grandfather for  a period of time probably one or two years, I'm guessing in the early ninteen twenties. My father often talked about him. He imigrated to America after he left here. As a child I remember my uncle shpwing my father a letter that he wrote (I'm guessing 1958---1960) He was trying to get his birth certificate in order to claim the old age pension in "The States"-----Hope this little snippet may be of some use to you.



    John. J. IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 2nd Jan 2020, 03:32PM

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