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Family lore has it that a Donovan lady married a Crowley gent and they lived in Gallows Hill, Leap. The lady may have been connected to the Donovans of Gurtnadihy. The story includes mention of two Crowley brothers, Mick and Pat, possibly children of the couple but this is unclear. 

Any insights or info greatly appreciated.



Monday 25th Apr 2022, 01:02PM

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  • Any idea of time frame?  First names of couple? Any other info at all about them?


    Monday 25th Apr 2022, 11:48PM
  • Patricia

    Thanks for coming back. I have searched all the obvious sources for the combinationn outlined and drawn a complete blank. There may be a relatively recent window for this eg 1950s or 1960s because the source seems to know who the two 'brothers' or sons were ie Mick and Pat.

    I'm hoping for a clue from sombody familir with the particular Crowley family in Gallows Hill?




    Tuesday 26th Apr 2022, 11:35AM
  • Hi Liam, I am a Crowley from Gallowshill, and have relatives with those names; who are you looking for?

    Monday 11th Sep 2023, 12:40PM
  • Delighted to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to respond.


    My wifes O'Callaghan family are from West Cork and the Donovans of Gurtnadihy are an import part of the family tree. One of the surviving relations told me the story as set out at the top of this series of messages and I am hoping to solve the puzzle of who was the Donovan lady and which Crowley man did she marry. I have a good deal of info on the Donovans and this is a loose end I'd love to resolve.

    Can you help please?



    Tuesday 12th Sep 2023, 10:36AM

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