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Hi can anyone please help decipher the Latin on the marriage of Matthew McDermott and Anne O'Hara at Cootehall on 9.2.1874. I can see that they are blood related - (san)guinitatis gradibus - but cannot read the rest of the entry. They are likely to be 1st or 2nd cousins as both had mothers with the surname Lavin.
Thank you.


Thursday 17th Mar 2022, 11:57AM

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  • Hi Fionn,

    To me it reads as

    in 4 in 4 consanguinitatis gradibus

    If that is what it is, it means they were cousins to the 4th degree, i.e. 3rd cousins.  They shared a common great-great-grandparent.

    All the best,



    Friday 18th Mar 2022, 11:40PM
  • Thank you Mary.
    Degrees of consanguinity are confusing.
    Consanguinity seems to be based on degrees of separation i. e.
    1° parent, children
    2° grandparent, siblings, grandchildren
    3° great grandparents, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, great grandchildren
    4° great great grandparents, great aunts/uncles, 1st cousins, great grand nieces/nephews
    Based on that and the word "cousine" added to the marriage cert of Matthew and Anne, would you agree that they were 1st cousins?
    Best wishes.


    Sunday 20th Mar 2022, 09:40AM

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