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I am researching my great, great grandparents. I believe my gg grandfather was Michael Delahunty and was born c. 1827 and died in 1891. My gg grandmother was Eliza Gantly born c1836 and died 1915. Towards the end of the nineteenth century they begin to use Delahunt rather than Delahunty as their surname.

I have found baptism certificates (and some birth certificates) for his children including my great grandmother Catherine (Kate) who was born in 1877. The earliest record I can find is the baptism certificate for Bridget Delahunty in 07-Jun-1857 in Glasshouse in the parish of Shinrone.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate a record of marriage for Michael and Eliza or baptism certificates. I have however located their death certificates. I have found some potential baptism certificates for both, but not sure how to assess whether are their's. Does anyone have any suggestions, please?
I would also be interested in learning more about Michael's role as a school master. There is a Micheal Delahunty listed as leasing a schoolhouse in the area in Griffin's Valuation in the 1850s. There is also Michael Delahunty listed asdelivering a classical school in Slaters Directory. Again, I am not sure how to assess if it is him.
After Michael's death the family move from the area to Dublin and then some of the children emigrate to England and the US.

Many thanks in advance and kind regards



Sunday 10th Jan 2021, 08:42PM

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  • Hello,
    RootsIreland lists the following children for Michael and Eliza:
    DelahuntyBridget1857Co. Offaly
    DelahuntyBridget1857Co. Tipperary
    DelahuntyAnne1858Co. Offaly
    DelahuntyAnne1858Co. Tipperary
    DelahuntyPatrick1860Co. Offaly
    DelahuntyMichael1861Co. Offaly
    DelahuntyJohn1868Co. Offaly
    DelahuntyJohn1868Co. Tipperary
    DelahuntyHonora1869Co. Tipperary
    DelahuntyMary1871Co. Tipperary
    DelahuntyWinefrid1873Co. Offaly
    DelahuntyWinifred1873Co. Tipperary
    DelahuntyCatherine1877Co. Tipperary
    You can see details at RootsIreland.
    What are the parents' names on the potential baptismal certs for Michael and Eliza? Irish naming patterns meant that children were named after grandparents, then parents. Usually the first son was named for paternal grandfather, second son for maternal grandfather, third son for father.
    Please email if you have questions.


    Sunday 10th Jan 2021, 09:04PM
  • Many thanks for your reply. I also have Eliza Delahunty 1863 Martin Delahunty 1865
    Margaret Delahunty 1879 Matilda Delahunty 1883. The spellings are slightly wrong.

    It would suggest that Michael's father would be Patrick but the second son is named Michael (the father's name but could be the maternal grandfather's name as well).

    I can only find one birth certificate for an Eliza Gantly in the right time frame in 1836.
    Name: Eliza Gantly
    Baptism Age: 0
    Birth Date : 1836
    Baptism Date: May 1836
    Baptism Place: Offaly and Laois, Portarlington, Ireland
    Diocese Kildare and Leighlin
    Father John Gantly
    Mother Mary Scully

    For Michael 13-May-1827 Parish/District: Templetuohy
    Gender: County Co. Tipperary
    Father: Patrick Delahunty
    Mother: Catherine Russell

    Parish/District: ROSCREA
    Gender: Male County Co. Tipperary
    Denomination: Roman Catholic
    Father: Michael Delahunty
    Mother: Catherine Whelan


    Parish/District: ROSCREA
    Gender: Male County Co. Tipperary
    Denomination: Roman Catholic
    Father: James Delahunty
    Mother: Mary Condon

    Many thanks and kind regards,



    Tuesday 12th Jan 2021, 09:29AM
  • Hi Helen


    You have a plethora of children to work on, as Michael and his wife Eliza had at least 13.

    You ask about tracking teachers and John Grenham offers the following advice on his Site

    Researching National Teachers


    Returning to your observation that Delahunty later became Delahunt, there is another marriage of another [or the same] school master

    Coincidentally [or not] school master Michael Delahunt[e] married Jane Scantlebury in the Wesleyan Chapel in Galway City, 22 May 1853.

    Badly transcribed at Pay Sites as 'Scantleberry'.

    Reminding all that 'transcriptions' are helpful, but must always then be checked against the original document.

    This original document is Free at: -

    5416452.pdf (


    If the same Michael, his father was also Michael, a Caretaker.

    Michael the Teacher gave his address as Rahoon, and inspection of the Teacher Salary Books, mentioned by John Grenham, requires that information 

    John Grenham notes these Pay Books end in 1855, too early to be of assistance with the National School at Shinrone.


    Assuming that both Michael's are the same, equally supposes Jane died before any second marriage to Eliza Gauntley Gantley.


    What of the change in Denomination? 

    Some then viewed a temporary shift of religious allegiance as a matter between themselves and God!!


    Moving from the still speculative to those children there are two sufficiently 'unusual' to warrant notice, Winifred and Matilda Delahunty.

    Tracing other occurrences of those names might give you further direction towards other related families.


    Michael Delahunty, according to, died in 1891 in Roscrea.

    4725595.pdf (…

    At age 84 and therefore b abt 1807 this Michael is much older than Michael the School Master, who seems to have been born 1827 - 1834.

    Old enough to be the Father of the Master?

    But is described as a Labourer.


    Apart from these possibilities of further research there is also the possibility of remaking your family through DNA.

    I hesitate to suggest DNA.

    Too often it has misled researchers by being described as a Golden Key to unlock Ancestry.


    The truth is more prosaic.

    By itself your DNA simply describes yourself.

    Useful only by using DNA as a Matching Device against a large Databank of Users, who hopefully have made some attempt to produce a Family Tree of their own.


    Without that Tree you will end up with a Blood Relative.

    And another Dead End.

    I find that just two companies have provided that sufficiently large Databank of DNA, along with a Databank of Trees, ancestry and myheritage.


    Apart from these slim threads I can only wish you Good Ancestor Hunting.











    Michael Dixon

    Monday 12th Sep 2022, 07:14PM
  • Thanks Michael - Ireland XO has belated flagged your reply. I think we have corresponded on My Heritage before now but I may be wrong. I have working through my great grandmother's siblings and have traced Martin, Eliza, Mary and Margaret to the US.

    Bridget  - I think she ended up in Australia unmarried.

    Ann - I think she went to the US as she is listed as the contact for what I think is Martin's entry to the US. 

    Michael - was not married by the time his mother died in 1916 and was still in Ireland then - haven't found his death certificate in Ireland. 

    John died in his twenties before marrying. 

    Patrick - I think I any have traced him to the US but if it is him, he didn't marry.

    Honora-  there is no birth certificate for Honora or any other records, so I wonder if the died as an infant.

    Winifred married and had children but I need to trace her family further - at the moment I haven't found a solid record of them leaving Ireland but it seems likely they did given the other siblings move to the US.

    Kate - my great grandmother came to England and settled in London.

    Matilda married but had no children.

    My dad has recently received his DNA results and has matched to at least 20 descendants of Martin, Eliza, Mary and Margaret in the US.

    He also matched with a descendant (according to the match's tree he is the great, great grandson) of Michael Delahunt and Jane Scantlebury but it is only 15cm match, which is seems low for them to share Michael as a great grandfather or great, great grandfather. Plus there seems to children born to Michaela and Jane after Michael was having children with Eliza. Jane is listed as dying in England and Michael in Australia. There don't seem to be many records.  

    Kind regards,




    Monday 24th Oct 2022, 11:25AM

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