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Hi, I'm looking to find out more about my grandads family. His name was Denis Daly, he was born Jan 8, 1914. He died in Ashton upon Mersey, Cheshire, England on Nov 10, 1983. I have a copy of his birth record, as above for the date, his fathers name was Patrick Daly a labourer. His mother Esther Gray. The family were living at 70 Benburb St, Dublin at the time of registration. I can't find a record of a marriage between Patrick or Esther. I haven't identified them in any of the census's 1901 or 1911 as of yet. Grandad had brothers and sisters but the only ones I'm sure of are a brother Patrick and a younger brother Billy probably christened William. Billy was a boxer and I know he boxed in the all Ireland championships. 
Denis joined the army. He was stationed at Limerick barracks where he met my grandmother, Katherine Bourke. They married on Aug 14, 1937 in Limerick. Patrick was again named as Denis's father again a labourer but he had passed away . Denis and Katherine emigrated to England sometime between 1952-1955. The lived in Sale, Cheshire until their deaths. Thank you for any help you can give. 
 David Matthews


Thursday 23rd Jan 2020, 03:50PM

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  • I checked for births of any siblings to Denis, up to the 1919 cut-off for births on the IrishGenealogy website, but unfortunately was not able to locate any good matches . .. I also checked specifically for any William Daly birth to these parents, again without any results - any chance this Billy Daly might have been born after 1919 ? (the cut-off on IrishGenealogy)

    For reference I checked out Benburb Street in a Dublin Street Directory - numbers 68 to 74 are listed as “Dublin Corporation Artisan Dwellings”. The building at 70 is quite large with 34 windows in the front and it was divided up into about 30 separate flats.

    A search for Patrick and Esther on the 1911 census could be difficult, as their marital status is not known for certain, and in the case of Patrick he has quite a common name and trade, and we currently have no clues as to where he might have been born. Esther on the other hand should be more straightforward due to her less common surname, however after a search for on the 1911 census under both her married or maiden surname I did not locate any promising results.. A number of Esther/Hesters but none near Dublin, and not the right sort of age, a number Gray/Grey families in Dublin city and county, but no Esther...

    Can you think of any other clues regarding your Daly/Gray family that might help ?

    If your Esther Gray was born in Dublin city or county then the only likely birth for her seems to be this one in 1880, making her about 34 when your Denis was born - parents of this Esther   are Robert Gray & Gatherine Parr, who lived at Cork street when this child was born. On the Catholic baptism her mother's surname looks like Thorp .. not sure why it's different unless maybe the priest or registrar misheard...

    I’ll try a few more options….and update here if I locate anything..

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 23rd Jul 2020, 06:05PM

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