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Does anybody have any info on Patrick Dermody/Darmody born abt 1834 - 1889 Barnahowna, Cappaghduff district.  His wife was Anne  ?

I have found 6 children born purely based on the fact that they were resident in Barnahowna when they married with father's name Patrick. 

I cannot find any birth records for these children. Mary abt 1861 (married Thomas Dermody), Catherine abt 1864 (married John Quin), Thomas abt 1867 (batchelor), Michael abt 1872 (married Mary Lally), Anne abt 1875 (married Anthony Cusack)  and

Patrick abt 1871 (married Catherine Heneghan).  According to age at death Patrick would have been born 1862 ?? according to his marriage cert Patrick would have been born in 1871.  The 1901 census for Barnahowna has his dob abt 1873, but the 1911 census has dob abt 1863.

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Sunday 3rd Jul 2022, 10:26AM

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  • RootsIreland has transcriptions of Patrick’s birth and baptism records.

    --Patrick Dermody  b. 01-Apr-1875

                 Lived in Cappaduff            in        Cappaghduff district          Co. Mayo

    Parents:         Patrick Dermody, a tailor,  Anne Ludden


    --Patrick Darmody, bap. 11-Apr-1875

    Ballyovey RC parish, Co. Mayo

    Parents: Patrick Darmody, Anne Lyden

    Sponsors: Michael Darmody, Catherine Heneghan


    There should be birth records at for children born 1864 and after.

    RootsIreland has baptismal records for other children of Patrick and Anne.


    Sunday 3rd Jul 2022, 06:40PM
  • Thank you for your reply Patricia.

    I have looked at this Patrick Dermody & Anne Luddon/Lydon / Walsh

    On the marriage certs of his children he is listed as Tailor.

    My marriage records have Patrick Dermody listed as Farmer

    The baptism records for Patrick /parents Patrick and Ann Luddon/Lydon  states illegitimate dob 11 Apr 1875.

    As my Patrick was the eldest child I discounted this particular Patrick, but thank you for looking into this.

    Kind regards 





    Monday 4th Jul 2022, 04:19PM

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