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HI I'm Norah from queensland. My grandfather was John Clancy born in Pound Street Kilrush on 22 May 1890. His father was Patrick Joseph Clanchy/Clancy (1869-1937) Kilrush and mother Margaret Gretta Hynes (1865-1954) Kilrush.

I am searching for the marriage for Patrick Joseph and Margaret Hynes. Patrick’s 1937 Australian death certificate says he married in Jersey City, New York, United States of America. He was 22. That would make it about 1887. Their first child John, my grandad, was born in May of 1890 so Margaret would have been back in Kilrush by then.

I’m wondering if it was a common practice for young Irish people to go to America and then return to Kilrush. I would appreciate any assistance with this search.

with thanks Norah


Friday 25th Jun 2021, 12:41AM

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  • Norah,

    Hello from New York.

    Jersey City is in New Jersey, not New York. I hope this is helpful.


    Friday 25th Jun 2021, 09:38PM
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    Thanks for that Patricia. I checked and Patrick Joseph's death certificate did say "Jersey City, New York" Just shows you how little Australians know about America. Hi wife, Margaret's death certificate has "Jersey City, New Jersey" I should have double checked.

    Any suggestions on how to find a marriage certificate in "Jersey City, New Jersey"?

    Keep well 

    from Norah in Brisbane Australia.



    Sunday 27th Jun 2021, 09:34PM
  • Norah,

    Yes, I think it was common for people to go to America and return to Ireland later. I know of several people in my townland and other places that did this. One of the common reasons for returning was the death of parents and returning to take over the farm.

    Best wishes, Kieran

    Kieran Jordan, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 29th Jun 2021, 09:02AM
  • Thanks Kieran, I'll look around for a reason for them to go back home to ireland.

    Keep well



    Tuesday 29th Jun 2021, 09:29PM

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