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I have been researching to no avail to find my husband's grandmother.  I believe the family may have been from County Clare but I can't be sure.  

Mary Doolan (b-1885 or 1886), my husband's grandmother, had two sisters, Elizabeth (b-1873 or 1874)  and Margaret (b-1879 or 1880), and two brothers, Patrick (b- 1886 or 1887) and John (1873 or 1874).   They all lived in Syracuse, NY and all are buried there together.  Mary is the only one who married.  I am not sure if they had other siblings or if any other family members remain in Ireland.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer.

Rgards, Betty Carroll









Betty Carroll

Thursday 25th Jun 2020, 09:03PM

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  • Hi Betty,

    A quick check on Roots Ireland did not show any matches for the names and birth years in County Clare. You should obtain a copy of Mary's marriage certificate whic should show the names of her parents. Alternatively, check the death records of the name siblings for their parents names.



    Friday 26th Jun 2020, 07:17AM
  • Thank you for checking for me and for your suggestions.  I will just keep trying.  




    Betty Carroll

    Saturday 27th Jun 2020, 01:40PM
  • Hi Betty:

    I will see if I can assist you.  

    I see that Mary Doolan married Carroll and that Patrick's draft registration card for World War I noted that he was born in Ireland.  He was not naturalised at that time of draft registration (1917) so he must have become a citizen after that time.

    I see a family tree on MyHeritage which has the following information:  

    Elizabeth Doolan died 13 April 1919 in Syracuse New York.

    James Doolan died 1930

    Patrick J. Doolan died 1935.

    Is this your family?  

    If it is, I can see the death notices for Margaret, Elizabeth & Patrick.  

    I would recommend that you look at Mary Doolan's marriage record to see who she listed as her parents.  If there isn't any listing, I would get the death records of any of the Doolans which might give more information.  When you have the parent's names, please list them on this thread, and we can do a more thorough search (or show you how to do one).

    All the best,



    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 6th Jul 2020, 12:51PM
  • Hi Jane,

    Yes, these are members of our family.  Thanks for the death notices.  I will attempt to get Marys death certificate and hopefully her parents are listed.  Thank you so much for all you have done to help me.  I will be in touch.

    Four years ago we found the relatives of Jeremiah Carroll (Mary Doolan) in County Tipperary and visited his homestead and 2 years ago we had a reunion with the American cousins and the Irish cousins.  We probably had at least 70 people attend the reunion.   We are hoping to find where Mary was born.  We are planning a trip to Ireland again next August and it would be wonderful to learn where she was from.  She died in 1929.

    Thanks again.




    Betty Carroll

    Tuesday 7th Jul 2020, 03:51PM
  • Hi Betty:

    You're very welcome and I'm delighted to hear that you will be visiting Ireland in August 2021.  Please be sure to keep us apprised of your travel plans as we can arrange to have a volunteer meet you in your ancestral area.  You can send me details of your trip directly to: 

    The death certificates should give you further information.  I do note the names of the pallbearers and would they have been related by any chance? This may be another clue for research.  

    When you get the death certificates and know the names, please reply here and we will help you further.  

    All the best,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Wednesday 8th Jul 2020, 09:35AM

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