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I am looking to find my grandmother's home in Ballynahaun and any extended family that may still be in Ireland.  Her name is Bridget Doolin and she was born in 1897, one of 7 children.  Her parents were Michael Doolin born in 1849 and Eliza (Fitzpatrick) Doolin born in 1859.  Her siblings were James (1887), Margaret (1889), Martin (1891), Lizzie (1893), Michael (1895), and Catherine (1900).  Her mother died during childbirth around 1905 and her father died around 1910, I would like to find where they are burried.  I know she and her sister Catherine came to the united states when her father passed away to live with their brother Michael, I'm not sure if any oftheir other siblings came to the states.  I was fortunate to become very close with my grandmother until she passed away in 1988 at the age of 91, I was 16.  She was the kindest woman I have ever known and I would love to learn more about her, her family and where she was born so that when I come in December for my first trip to Ireland I may see where this amazing woman was born.

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Friday 31st Aug 2018, 05:20PM

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  • Dear Liz:  

    many thanks for your post to the message board and welcome to the site. I will forward this post to several people  feom the Doolin area who may be able to assist you with your research.  Please give about 2 weeks or so for a reply.  

    Kind regards,  


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Monday 3rd Sep 2018, 08:45AM
  • Thank you so much, any information would be much appreciated!  


    Tuesday 4th Sep 2018, 11:54AM
  • I am also researching our Doolin family! I am wondering if any one knows where this home is or was. Our family is house number 2, there is also a Doolin family at number 12 so am curious about how they were related.   I would love to connect with any one that would have more resources on this family and I am also trying to get a view on the Fitzpatricks and Cusick family since they stayed connected once in America

    One more question is about the chapel that Michael and Liza were married in. Any photos and the exact location of the Roman Catholic chapel of Kilshenny

    in the district of Roadford? They were married back in 1876


    Monday 15th Aug 2022, 06:35PM

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