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i am trying to locate information about my Doyle ancestors.  

My great grandmother Margaret Elizabeth Doyle listed County Carlow as her place of birth in the marriage record in the United States. She was born 1 Nov 1864. Her parents were (I believe) Michael Doyle and Margaret Burns. 
Her sister Mary Ann was born around 1860.

Her brother Joseph W. was born in December 1846.  
Margaret, Mary and Joseph all came to the US.  I don't think their parents did.  There may be more siblings that I am not aware of.

Thank you for any assistance.

Tom Riley


Thursday 9th Jun 2022, 12:56PM

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  • Tom:

    I made a number of searches on the subscription site Roots Ireland and so far have not found any good leads for Margaret, Mary and Joseph. Maybe the parents names are not quite correct which would affect the searches.

    Civil registration of births started in 1864 so I searched on the free site and looked at about 12 Margaret Doyle birth records in 1864-1865 and did not find a good lead in Co. Carlow. It is possible that Margaret made herself younger when she came to America.

    Do you have the death records for Margaret or her siblings so we can confirm the names of the parents?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 9th Jun 2022, 04:21PM
  • Hi Roger,

    Thanks for your efforts so far.  I checked Margaret's death record and confirmed her birth day, month and year. But I then checked her marriage record and she listed herself as being about five years older.  so a birth year of 1858 or 1859 but the November 1 date may still be correct.  Also on her marriage record her parents are listed as Michael Doyle and Margaret Burns.  So I feel those are correct.  In the census records, Mary Ann consistently gave an age which puts her birthday around 1860.  Hope this helps.  and thank you again.



    Thursday 9th Jun 2022, 11:52PM
  • Hi Tom ,

    See a baptism of a Margaret Doyle on 1st November 1864 to a Moses and Margaret Doyle in Hacketstown Parish .

    There is the baptism of a Mary Doyle on 1st October 1859 in Hacketstown Parish to Moses Doyle and Margaret Kelly

    Thomas Doyle baptised 11th October 1857 to Moses Doyle and Margaret Kelly Hacketstown Parish .

    Brigid Doyle baptised 2nd august 1862 to Moses Doyle and Margaret Kelly Hacketstown parish .


    A Moses Doyle and Margaret Kelly married on 19th October 1856 in Hacketstown parish .

    Address (Coolmaina ?) looks the same as that on the above baptisms .

    There are a Coolmanagh Upper and Lower townlands near Hacketstown .





    Sunday 12th Jun 2022, 11:47AM

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