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I was born and raised in the parish of St John’s, Lecarrow, Co Roscommon – formerly Killinvoy.  I still live in Ireland, though not in that parish. I discovered a few years ago that my paternal grandmother’s name was Mary Duck.  I had never heard of that name before and the people now living there never heard of it either.

 I now know the following:

Mary Duck was born about 1839 – parish / place unknown

She married Patrick Killian in Killinvoy in 1855

She raised her family in Barnaculllen, Rahara and died there in 1883 aged 44

Her father was Patrick Duck – born about 1797, place and date unknown, died 1881 in Roscommon.

He was a labourer on the Kellybrook Estate, situated between Toberdan and Barnacullen

Her mother was Mary (?) –born about 1805 – place unknown, died in June  1871 aged 66. Michael Morris is named as the informant present at her death in Kellybrook

In November 1871, Patrick Duck remarried Catherine Murphy (widow).  Their marriage record says his father’s name was John Duck.

Over the course of the existing parish records (July 1841 – Oct 1881) and civil records from 1864, I find no Duck records that I can definitively connect to my family although there were many Duck families there over those decades. By the time of the 1901 census, there were no Duck names in the parish.

The only DNA connections I have made connect me to the descendants of James H Duck (1820 -1886) in Athlone.  

So, the questions are – where did they come from and where did they go? And, of course, what was the maiden name of my great-great grandmother Mary, wife of Patrick Duck? Any help would be welcome

With thanks

Veronica Jennequin ( née O’Grady)


Wednesday 29th Jul 2020, 10:30PM

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  • Veronica:

    Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out!

    I took a look at your message last night and again this morning and can't add any info to what you already have. The fact that the Knockroghery RC parish records start in 1841 eliminates finding the baptismal record for Mary Duck and finding the name of her mother. I did check the subscription site Roots Ireland and there were six Duck baptismal records from 1843-1855 with fathers Thomas, William and John but no more after 1855.

    There were ten Duck records in the 1855 Griffiths Valuation head of household listing although only Patrick in Killinvoy parish. By 1901, just two families in Kilteevan parish including a number of younger children but by 1911, they were all gone. 

    All the best!

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 30th Jul 2020, 01:07PM
  • Roger,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my message and check all the available records. Yes, it seems that the Ducks who landed in Killinvoy may have come north from the Athlone / Glasson area or south from  the Kilteevan / Ballyleague / Longford area.  No doubt, they were all related at some time but sadly no records.  I was told, some decades ago, by an American relative, that her father(my uncle) had said there was a Northern Ireland connection on that side( at the time, the surname Duck was not mentioned). It appears that the name Duck was particularly common in Co Antrim . . . so maybe there are pathways to finding clues there?

    Arís, go raibh mile maith agat

    Slán  agus beannacht!

    Veronica Jennequin


    Thursday 30th Jul 2020, 09:34PM
  • My great grandfather was James Morris who was born in Knockcroghery about 1848. His father was William Morris and his mother was Ann Naighton. The family lived in St. John's.
    Rootsireland has a record for a Martin Morris born in 1843. I don't know who he is but he is probably a relative. Martin's father was John Morris and his mother was Elizabeth Duck. The sponsors were Malachy Naughten and Brigid Geragty. I don't know who John Morris is but my great grandfather had a brother and cousin named John.
    There is also a Michael Morris born in 1859 to John Morris and Brigid Duck. The father would not be my great grandfather's brother or cousin because of age. The sponsors were John Egan and Mary Egan. The same couple had another son Patrick in 1861.The sponsors were John Breheny and Ann Kenny.  My great grandfather had another brother named Patrick so that is also a family name although not an unusual name of course.
    I don't know if there is actually any connection but have you done a DNA test? Elizabeth wouldn't be an ancestor of mine but the families seem like they may be connected somehow. 


    Friday 28th May 2021, 08:19PM
  • Hello and thank you for this interesting information on the Duck / Morris connections. I am particularly interested in Elizabeth Duck / John Morris, I feel there may be a connection there so I will work on that…

     Since my previous message, I have made some progress; my great-great grandmother (married to Patrick Duck) was Mary Connaughton.  As well as my great-grandmother, Mary, they also had two daughters, (possibly other children – I’m still working on that)

     Bridget Duck married John Morris 24 Feb 1852.  On the same day, her sister, Catherine duck, married George Perdue.

    Bridget and John Morris had 4 sons: Michael (1859), Patrick (1861) James (1863) John (1866)

    John Morris died in 1867, aged 50.  Around 1875 Bridget emigrated to Boston Ma.

    1900 census, she was living with her sons Patrick and James. She declared 4 children born to her, 2 living. She died in Boston in 1902.

    Her son, Patrick married Catherine O’Brien in 1894, daughter Mary b 1894 daughter Catherine b 1896.  Catherine(O’Brien) died in 1897, their daughter Catherine died in 1898,  Patrick died in 1907, their daughter Mary died in 1910 aged 15 – so there are no descendants from that branch. 

    Catherine Duck and George Perdue moved to Athlone, they had 2 children: John born 1856 – no further records found so far,  Catherine born about 1859, she married Michael Reilly and they raised 6 children in Athlone, so lots of possible  living relatives there.  I have my DNA on MyHeritage an Ancestry, I have several matches which confirm the Connaughton side.  I hope to visit Roscommon in the next couple of months so I will have an opportunity to check out some local info, cemeteries etc which may help.  Thank you very much.  Regards Veronica



    Sunday 30th May 2021, 02:47PM
  • I looked for matches with the first name of Veronica but no matches seemed to fit although I don't know your name on the DNA sites. Are you on GEDMatch? Mine are under Brian Morris. However, even if there might be some connection, it may not show as a DNA match especially at the 8 used now by both ancestry and My Heritage. I did save my lower matches on ancestry before they changed and have found some matches at 7 or even 6. 3rd Cousins may not match at 7. My wife has a 3rd cousin with no DNA match even at 5 although they have a number of people who match both of them.
    I have no known connection to Boston and my known relatives on that line came through New York and stayed there or went to Connecticut. I have father and son Y DNA matches who trace to Castlerea although there may be a connection to a few miles from Knockcroghery. They emigrated to Boston. 
    I have found a number of records for Morris in Athlone but I don't know if there is a connection.

    I look forward to continuing this discussion.


    Brian Morris


    Thursday 3rd Jun 2021, 12:47AM

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