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I am trying to find any type of record for a great aunt of mine. I have found her birth and baptism record but nothing else. I am looking for a marriage, immigration, or death record. Below is what I have found:

Eleanora Haran (a transcription error of surname Faran in Catholic Parish Records

Born 24 Nov 1861

Baptism 15 Dec 1861

Baptism place Sligo, St John's, Sligo Ireland (Diocese Elphin St John's Sligo)

Father Hurone Faran (transcription error of Hugh or Hugoni  Haran)

Mother Cathna Moffet (transcritpion error of Catherine Moffett)

The Haran family lived on Coney Island, also Inishmulclohy or Dorrens' island in the 1800-1984

County Sligo, Barony Carbury,Parish Killaspugbrone, Townland Inishmulclohy or Coney Island or Dorrens' Island

James E. Haran

Tuesday 19th Jul 2022, 09:13PM

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  • Hi, There are a lot of trees for this family on Ancestry, as you likely know.  Some of them give a child Ellen or (Mary) Ellen , child of Hugh and Catherine. Her birth date varies on the trees. I saw 1865 and 1870.  The 1870 date came from the 1900 census, which is not particularly reliable.

    This Ellen Haran was married and died in 1903.  I hope this is helpful…



    Wednesday 20th Jul 2022, 12:51AM
  • Good Morning, Patricia. Thank you for your prompt reply. I am a member of Ancestry and have found those records. A family member had mentioned that possibly Eleanora died young and then a daughter was born named Ellen and/or Mary Ellen around 1865-66. I have found her burial here in the USA and have viewed her headstone which has dates of 1870-1903. So the disparity in the years is questionable. I too found the 1900 census and the year of 1866 for Ellen (Haran) McCrory and her age at 33 years.

    Does Ancestry have all the Irish records for birth, baptisms, marriages and death that you are aware or is there a more complete sources elsewhere?

    Thank You again for being so prompt. Have a Great Day!


    James Haran

    James E. Haran

    Wednesday 20th Jul 2022, 02:49PM
  • Hi James,

    I generally use and for sacramental and civil records.


    If you have looked at every record for Ellen in the U.S. (censuses, marriage, death, children's births, etc.), you have probably seen a variation in her dates of birth. This is common. People sometimes lied about their birth dates, or they didn't actually know their birth dates. Birthdays were not celebrated in Ireland at the time.  People were not asked for ID, driver's license, etc., like we are.  Also, Ellen herself may not have been the person providing the census info.  So, this a longwinded way of saying that the 1861 Ellen may be "your" Ellen.


    Thursday 21st Jul 2022, 10:46PM

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