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Tryting to find information relating to my Gt Gt Gt Grandmorther, Elizabeth Fox, born in Annaghkilly, Clones, Monaghan on 05 Feb 1815. Her father was Richard Fox, and mother, Elizabeth Rush, Rish or Risk. She travelled to England where whe married John Dobson in Carlisle, Cumberland on 6 Dec 1835.




Saturday 11th Dec 2021, 12:23AM

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  • Elizabeth had at least two siblings, as per rootsireland:

    Church Baptism Fox Joseph 1817 Co. Monaghan
    Church Baptism Fox Richard 1819 Co. Monaghan

    There were also two children born a few years later in Clones to Richard Fox and BRIDGET Rush.


    Saturday 11th Dec 2021, 01:32AM
  • Thank you Patricia, I'm new to the searching Irish records. Will the record confirm the mother's surname (ie the correct spelling)? Do you think there will be good value in me subscribing for a month to do some research? I have subscribed to other sirtes and found them very unhelpful - so a waste of money. 





    Saturday 11th Dec 2021, 10:32PM
  • Hi Brian,

    I myself don't know how anyone can do Irish genealogy these days without using rootsireland. So yes, I think it a good idea to subscribe. I believe you can buy one-day and one-week subscriptions in addition to longer ones.

    About the surname spelling...two hundred years ago there was no standard spelling of surnames.  A good part of the Irish population was illiterate. The priest who performed a baptism or marriage wrote down the names in the parish register. He may have guessed at the spellings.  So you can find one family with the surnames of the children, for example, written several ways, such as Reilly, Riley, O'Rahilly, Riely, O'Riley, etc.  or Stewart, Steward, Stuart.  


    Sunday 12th Dec 2021, 12:08AM
  • Brian,

    I found the following Richard Fox living in Clones in Griffith's Valuation, taken in the mid-1800s. Note he was living in the part of Clones that was in Co. Fermanagh.

    Fox Richard Liskilly ClonesCo. Fermanagh


    Sunday 12th Dec 2021, 12:12AM
  • Hello Patricia & Brian,

    I am Robert Watt born in Co. Tyrone in 1941, We have several Dobsons on our family tree, so I am interested in any of the Dobson family with an Irish connection.

    I am mainly interested in your ancestor Bridget Rush, You see my great, great, great, grandmother was Mary Rush born about 1775 and she married George Trimble born at Clogher, in Co. Tyrone, (not far from Clones) they had 11 children born at Clogher between 1800 and 1820.

    Thanks for any help you can give me in tracing where Mary Rush came from.


    Robert Watt, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 12th Dec 2021, 12:38PM
  • Hello Patricia, and thanks for the information. I will need to subscribe in January when I have the time to sit and concentrate on it all for a while. I understand what you say about spelling. I just dont know whether Elizabeth was Ruk, Rush or Risk - only time (and a bit more digging) will tell. There could well have been numerous Richard Fox's in Clones around that time. There could be cousins (as often cousins share the same naming as their ancestors ie first-born named after a grandfather). It is interesting that a Richard Fox had children with a Bridget Rush (same surname as my Elizabeth). The Richard you mention from Liskilly intrigued a friend of mine who is also researching in Clones. She had some old maps and couldn't find Liskilly but we did determine that Elizabeth Fox was born in Annaghkilly. Were not sure if they are two different places or again just the way the words were hand-written on documents.



    Sunday 12th Dec 2021, 06:48PM
  • Hello Robert, I'm not sure if there will be any connection with Bridget but we'll see in time. I'm interested where the Dobsons are in your ancestry. My only connection thus far is that Elizabeth Fox (daughter of Richard Fox and Elizabeth Rush) travelled to England and married John Dobson my Gt Gt Gt Grandfather.


    Sunday 12th Dec 2021, 06:51PM
  • Hi Brian,

    I have looked up Liskilly and Annaghkilly, and yes they are both townlands in the same area one in the north and the other in the south,

    Liskilly is in Co. Fermanagh Northern Ireland,on the B36 road just outside Rosslea and near the Finn river.

    Annaghkilly is just over the border in Co. Monaghan, Southern Ireland it is on the L2030 road also near the Finn river.

    On our family tree we have about 50 Dobson names, they all seem to be in Co. Tyrone and the eldest was born in 1805. 

    My email contact is

    From Robert.

    Robert Watt, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 12th Dec 2021, 11:35PM

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