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I have been trying to complete my ancestor info and am being asked for ENTITY associated with ancestor. 

Cannot begin to imagine what this is? Can find no relevant help.


Tuesday 31st May 2022, 01:36PM

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  • Charlette:

    I will forward your message to our HQ staff and have them get back to you.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 31st May 2022, 03:25PM
  • Hi Charlette
    It's how you are related to the Entity.
    Start with you then go back. Some people start or Entity with a relative that they know from way back, difficult though if you get stuck.
    Computer talk.......setting the parameter. 
    Lets basic talk...........sorry if this sounds childish.
    Take a mobile start with building 100% battery power, you add the SIm, then you log on to a network, then you add your number then you add another number.
    Then you are able to communicate between texts and calls etc.  (i think this is called a Pigs Ear)
    The Entity is you. The rest you build on.   
    I have used a few sites for trees and never had that statement. 
    email me and I could have a look at it.



    Tuesday 31st May 2022, 03:39PM

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