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I'm doing some research into John James Doyle from Bagenalstown in Carlow. He was born in 1883 and is my great grandfather. I'd like to learn anything at all about him. I know he spent most of his adult life in London.

Thank you,

Wednesday 10th Feb 2021, 10:46PM

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  • Carmen:

    I searched on the subscription site Roots Ireland and also the free site and I did not find a John Doyle in Bagenalstown in 1883. There is an 1882 John Doyle in Bagenalstown baptized July 23 1882 with father Thomas Doyle and mother Mary Rorke.

    Do you have the parents names for your John Doyle?

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Wednesday 10th Feb 2021, 11:56PM
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    Hi Rodger, 

    Thank you so much for the reply! His parents were Thomas Doyle and Margaret M Doyle which I am certain is Mary. I wasn't 100 percent sure if he was born in 1882 or 1883 as the only detail I have is that he pased away at the age of 72 in 1955 anf he was 35 at the time of his marriage in 1918. I know he was a soldier and was gassed on the Western  front and sent to a hospital in Llanelly and fell in love with and married a nurse by great  grandmother Dorothy. 

    I have attached a picture of certificate of their marraige. I also know that Thomas Doyle was a farmer and I am trying to trace as much of my Irish anscestry as possible. Thank you so much for this information. Do you know how I can obtain a bith date or death date for John and or how I can go about finding out if he had any siblings. I might be able to find an accurate record on the census data now that I know he was born in 1882 and not 1883. 

    Im delighted to hear from you - thank you. 

    Friday 12th Feb 2021, 07:41AM
  • Carmen:

    The first record is the 1901 census for the Doyle family with the 1882 John Doyle mentioned above. John is not with the family who were living in Gormona townland Dunlecky civil parish. There was a John Doyle age 20 living with another family as a farm servant in a nearby parish.. This may or may not be your John. Also, possible that your John had emigrated.……


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 13th Feb 2021, 02:38PM
  • Hello Roger, 

    I did find my John, turn out that he did emigrate. 

    If I compare the two census records of 1901 and 1911, I'm able to see that John James Doyle moved to England, seem with his older brother. I see as per the 1911 census that there were 9 children between Thomas and Mary. 

    There is a discrepancy between his birth date however wither 1882 or 1883. I have uploaded the census records from England and see at 19 he was a farm labourer and a teacher at age 29. I'm 100% certain that the data from 1911 is correct. Are you able to share the link with me where you foudn his baptism record, I am unable to find it. I also know he was born on the 20 July, but the question is still year of birth 1882 or 1883. I'm hoping that the parish/ baptism record you found could help me?


    Sunday 14th Feb 2021, 04:07PM
  • Carmen:

    The record I found was on the subscription site Roots Ireland and was a transcription. Unfortunately, the NLI  parish register for Bagenalstown stops in 1879 so I can't show you the actual record.  As background, the local Carlow Heritage group would have transcribed the record from parish records. Then the records are loaded to the Roots Ireland data base.


    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 15th Feb 2021, 05:19PM
  • Thank you!

    Tuesday 16th Feb 2021, 09:45PM
  • Hi Carmen ,


    Birth entry in register says John James Doyle  was born 20th July 1882 to Thomas Doyle (farmer ) and Mary Doyle nee Rorke of Gormana Co. Carlow .Birth was registered on 22nd September 1882 by the father .…


    Marriage of Thomas Doyle and Mary Rourke was 24th February 1879 in Killeshin Parish Church .His father is given as Pat Doyle (dead ) and his address as Gormana whilst her father is given as James (?) Rourke and address is Springhill which is in Co. Laois but close enough to Carlow town .




    Friday 26th Nov 2021, 09:42PM
  • Looks like Thomas Doyle died 29th December 1902 .



    Possible death entry for mary Doyle nee rourke below ;





    Friday 26th Nov 2021, 09:53PM

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