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I've just had what may be a big breakthrough in getting past a brick wall with my family! But, I need some help solidifying a bunch of circumstantial evidence to see if these families really are connected...and...hopefully...find some cousins in Ireland. Specifically, I'm looking for Ellen Harte in Peterswell; Mary Coen in Loughrea; and Thomas Callon in Loughrea, all around 1933.

If you want to jump to the end, I'm looking for information about the people listed in the legal notice posted below. I believe they are all part of the Callon family. But, to set the context, here is the information that led me to that legal notice:

(1) Martin Finnerty and Bridget (Delia) Callen, from Peterswell, were married in Ireland. They came to the US in the late 1800s and settled in New Jersey. They didn't like it there and decided to head back to Ireland.

(2) On the voyage back to Ireland, my great grandmother, Kathryn Augustine Finnerty was born aboard the SS Baltic on 23 Apr 1888. I believe the family, at that time, would have been Martin, Bridget, an older sister Mary, and Kathryn. They made their way back to Peterswell.

(3) Martin and Bridget had several other children: Patrick J (1890), Ella Josephine (abt 1891), Anna Marie (abt 1895), and Joseph Michael (26 Feb 1897). I believe they were born in Peterswell, but they seem to list Gort, Peterswell, and Loughrea interchangably.

(4) Bridget died 12 Apr 1900 during childbirth in Peterswell (I have a record in the Calendars of Wills and Administrations that confirms this). At this time, Martin was a farmer and shopkeeper.

(5) "A relative" in New York sent for the oldest, Mary, to come to the US. Mary was in love at the time and didn't want to leave Ireland, so Kathryn Augustine went instead. She was 16 at the time.

(6) In 1904, when Kathryn arrived in New York, the ship's manifest listed her final destination as "Aunt Mrs. William O'Brien" at 317 Gorham Street in Canandaigua, New York.

(7) The 1911 Canandaigua Directory lists Michael Callon living at 317 Gorham Street with his wife Mary.

(8) Joseph Michael Finnerty lists his home address, on his WWII Draft Registration in 1918, as 317 Gorham Street.

(9) The legal notice below, following the death of Michael J Callon, lists a lot of family members, including: Ellen Harte in Peterswell; Mary Coen in Loughrea, and Thomas Callon in Cahercra [I'm guessing this is supposed to be Caherlea?]. The key thing to note is that the notice also lists Joseph Finnerty in Detroit; based on the address listed, I know this is the same Joseph as the one listed in #3 above. My theory is that Michael (the deceased), Ellen, Mary, and Thomas are siblings (or some other close relation) to the Bridget Callen/Callon that married Martin Finnerty. But, I need help tracking them down in Ireland. I'm hoping that these 3 additional names and locations in Ireland will help figure this out.

As you can see, the connection is still very circumstantial, but it's feeling like I'm on the right track. Bridget Callen [Callon] was from Peterswell; her daughter Kathryn was going to 317 Gorham Street in 1904, where Michael Callon is living in 1911. When Michael Callen dies, he lists Joseph Finnerty at the same exact address in Detroit as is known from other records. And there's the bonus of other family members in New Jersey, where Martin and Bridget supposedly settled when they came to the US.

Any thoughts or suggesitons on where to search for this information would be greatly appreciated!


Thursday 14th Mar 2019, 05:58AM

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    And, just in case anyone wants to see a picture of one of the Finnerty children, the photo below is of Kathryn Augustine Finnerty and her husband Benedict William Fuller and the first 4 of their 7 children: Benedict William (Jr), Albert Allen, Kathryn Agnes, and Mary Elizabeth (my grandmother).


    Thursday 14th Mar 2019, 06:03AM
  • Hi Michael

    Welcome to IrelandXO.

    Cahercrea East / West is the Loughrea Address referred to. This is the link to the 1901 census with Finnerty connection and Callanan/Callon connections listed in the same household. Thomas Callon/Callanan…;

    Ellen Finnerty born to Martin Finnerty & Bridget Callanan 26th Feb. 1891.…;

    Marriage of Thomas Coen and Mary Finnerty in 1908, Mary a daughter of Martin Finnerty   Mary Coen


    Will have another look for a Harte connection


    Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Thursday 14th Mar 2019, 10:11PM
  • Hi Michael

    Marriage of Owen Harte and Ellen Callanan of Peterswell daughter of Michael Callanan in 1901.…

    Owen Harte was a Constable in RIC, living in Ballycahalan in 1911 with no living children. 

    The following record in New Jersey may be connected.

    Name:Martin FinnertyGender:MaleMarriage Date:4 Jun 1884Marriage Place:Bayonne, Hudson, New Jersey, USASpouse:Catherine CullinFilm Number:000495700


    Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Thursday 14th Mar 2019, 11:21PM
  • Ok I have a feeling we have some connected family.  My 3rd great uncle, John D'Arcy from Killenadeema in Galway maried Mary Finnerty from Ballymurray in Galway in 1889 in Loughrea. They never immigrated but most of John's siblings did.  His sister Mary Darcy married John O'Grady from Loughrea, my second great-grandparents. Most all the O'Grady and Darcy siblings emigrated and settled in Bayonne and Elizabeth, New Jersey where family still remains.  Not sure if can figure out the connection there but also John's sister Anne O'Grady married John Finnerty in Bayonne, NJ.  He was a fireman in Bayonne.  They settled there and had a family and died in Bayonne.  Here is his family info as I have it.


    John Joseph Finnerty -

    Born 8 Jul 1877 in Galway, Ireland; Parents are: Patrick Finnerty (born Mar 1848 in Loughrea, Galway) and Maria Callanan

    Siblings: Patrick born in 1881 in Ireland and Mary born 29 Aug 1889 in Bayonne, NJ.  Still working on other siblings, etc.

    Marriage: Anne O'Grady (went by Annie, name also listed on birth as Mary Anne) (born 14 Jan 1874 in Loughrea, Ireland)  in 1901.

    Their Children: Margaret Mary b. 1901, Genevieve b. 1904, John Francis b. 1908, Francis X b. 1910, Patrick J b. 1913, all born in Bayonne, NJ


    Let me know if any of this matches anything you have.  


    Rose O'Grady






    Rose O’Grady

    Thursday 23rd May 2019, 06:24PM

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