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Good Afternoon,

I'm looking for assistance / advice please on gathering information on my ancestors who lived in Castlebar / Westport.

My great, great grandfather was Timothy Foley who married Hanoria Murphy in Dec 1889.

I am also looking for information about his son, also Timothy Murphy, who married Margaret Hastings.

I have gathered some information via ancestry & other methods but seem to have come to a halt. I'm trying to gather as much information for my father who celebrates his 80th birthday this coming April.

I would be grateful if someone can help or offer advice on how i can unlock this mystery.

Stay safe 

Kind regards

Gary Comer





Gary C

Wednesday 27th Jan 2021, 05:09PM

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  • Hi Gary, - Subscription Site - have a record of the marriage of a Timothy Foley, aged 39 years, Widower, Coach Painter of Castlebar Street, Westport to Honoria Murphy, aged 26 years, Dressmaker, same address, on September 13th 1889. Witnesses: Pat Kerrigan and Catherine Carey.

    Are they your family?

    Check: - Free Site



    Wednesday 27th Jan 2021, 08:51PM
  • Hi Gary,

    The Census of Ireland 1911 records Timothy Foley as having been born in Dublin City.

    There is a record of a Timothy Foley of Ardnaree, Ballina, Co. Mayo who married Catherine Neary in Kilmore/Ballina on 25th July, 1872. His father is recorded as Timothy Foley and his mother as Ann Chute. Catherine's father is recorded as John Neary and her mother as Mary Kielty. Witnesses: John Flanagan and Catherine Neary.

     Six children are recorded 1873 - 1880. Mary born in Ardnaree 1873, Alice who was born in 1874 is recorded as Claremorris. Catherine who was born is 1877 is recorded as Ardnaree and died in Westport in September 1880. Death notified by her mother. Her mother - Catherine Neary Foley - died in Westport on 14th August 1882. Her death was notified by Timothy Foley, Husband. (Civil Records). Other children were Anne Jane - 1876, John 1881, Patrick Joseph 1880.

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    Thursday 28th Jan 2021, 10:19AM
  • Hi Gary,


    Children born 1873 - 1880 should read 1873 - 1881. John is recorded in the Civil Records as being born on 24th September 1881.



    Thursday 28th Jan 2021, 12:35PM
  • Yes, this is my family. Thank you so much!!

    The information about where the children were born will be a great help i'm sure. It's the marriage of my great grandfather (Timothy Foley) & great grandmother (Margaret Hastings) that is prpving more difficult to find. My mum & dad have visited Westport a couple of times & have visited the church where my grandmother (Catherine Foley) was baptised & also met with some relations from the Foley side. I'm determined to find more out about the Hastings link & your assistance & advice will prove invaluable.

    Once again, thank you

    Kind regards



    Gary C

    Thursday 28th Jan 2021, 11:35PM
  • Hi Gary,

    Tim Foley and Maggie Hastings married in Westport church 21st February, 1913 - Tim 23 years - Maggie 21 years.Tim's father a painter and Maggie's father a farmer. No address for her.




    Friday 29th Jan 2021, 11:47AM
  • Hi Gary,

    In relation to Margaret Hastings. There is a Margaret Hastings who is recorded in Fairhill, parish of Islandeady in 1890. Father - James and Mother - Margaret Conry

    There is marriage record for a "James Hestin", Fairhill who maried a Margaret Conry in Balla R.C. Church on the 8th February 1879. His father is recorded as Patrick, Occupation - Labourer/Herdsman. Margaret Conry's address is recorded as Carrahan, Balla. Her father is recorded as Bryan Conry, Occupation - Labourer/ Herdsman. There are six children recorded to this couple. Two - Maria and Margaret - are recorded as "Hastings". The others are recorded as "Hesten, Hestin, Heston. A "Bernard" is recorded in Islandeady R.C. Church in September 1885 as "Hesten". Civil record "Hestin". 

    Credits: - Subscription Site

    Best Wishes,


    Friday 29th Jan 2021, 01:27PM
  • Hello Gary, I am intrigued by this discussion as I too am looking into the Timothy Foley and Margaret Hastings line whom I believe all moved to Liverpool, England sometime between 1919-1922. I am searching this line as a possible long lost branch of my own family through my paternal grandfather. Unfortunately, his name is not known to me but through some DNA tracking I can see that I match with Mayo originated Foleys whom must have relocated to Liverpool around the same time as Timothy and Margaret. I currently have no DNA confirmation that this is in fact the correct branch associated with my grandfather but I am keen to learn more of what you might know about their children to see if I can verify a connection. I have the following children listed:

    Mary b. 1913, Winifred b. 1914, Catherine b. 1915, Norah b. 1919, Timothy b. 1920, Ellen b. 1922, John b. 1924 and Thomas b. 1926.

    I believe that all children after Norah were born in Liverpool.

    I'd be very keen to talk with you and see how your research has panned out and perhaps even understand where you sit in the mix of Timothy and Margaret's descendants.

    Look forward to hearing from you.


    Rachel Pickens

    Wednesday 29th Dec 2021, 09:16PM

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