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Hello Irelandxo Community,

My paternal 3rd G Grandfather, Francis Hill (bootmaker) b. Abt. 1813, and children Francis Charles Hill (2nd G Grandfather) b. 1842, and Isabella Hill b. 1847, were all born in Dublin. They migrated to Liverpool 1849 leaving extended family behind, descendants of whom were still there at least to the 1930s. I am trying to identify them. My 4th G Grandfather, Charles Hill, was a cabinet maker, but I know nothing more about him … yet. Also need to identify FH's first wife and mother of FCH and IH, as well as wife of Charles Hill, mother of FH.

I have the LDS transcription of the (second) marriage of FH to Jane Caddell née Hollis in St. Mark's, but have been unable to find a digital rendering of the original.

FH's third marriage to Sarah Burrows in 1860 is witnessed by Jane Hill. I have no other record of her. I theorize that she might be a sibling of FH.

See uploaded screenshot of annotated tree for these and other facts and Qs. Would appreciate any help in filling the gaps. Additionally, would appreciate any images of 6 George St Quay where FH was living at time of his second marriage.

Many Thanks


The Hills are on my paternal line. My father's GEDkit is SS2203776.




Sunday 21st Nov 2021, 03:00AM

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    I've enclosed below an image of the marriage from the St. Mark's parish register for the marriage of Francis Hill and Sarah Cadell (nee Hollis), also attached is a copy of the corresponding entry in civil marriage register for the same marriage - both from the free IrishGeneaolgy website


    I found no sign of a Charles Hill cabinetmaker in Thom's 1848 directory, he may have been an employee rather than running his own business. In the same 1848 directory the address at 6 George's Quay is listed as Matthew Ryder builder & herring dealer, possibly your Charles, or his son Francis, rented some space 'over the shop, from this Matthew for a residence, possibly also for work.

    Similarly with George Hollis, no sign of him in directory listed around 1849 - could he have been deceased by 1848, of maybe not a resident of Dublin city ?

    Most of the surviving Church of Ireland records for Dublin city are available on the free IrishGenealogy website -
    I had a quick look but did no see any sign of a likely baptism for Francis. Many people moved to Dublin city and suburbs
    over the years, so it's possible the family did not live in Dublin city when he was born. Have you located Francis Hill on any of the English census returns - what does he give as his place of Birth ?

    St. Mark's Church of Ireland was on Pearse St. formerly Great Brunswick Street, it's still used as a church but not part of the Church of Ireland. The Church of Ireland records for St. MNark's go back to the 1830s, and are included on the free IrishGenealogy website, but I have not been able to locate any other records for this Hill/Hollis/Caddell family in these..

    The Sarah Burrow marriage seem to have been in Liverpool.. based on a possible 1861 census match for the family
    she seems to have been born 'Dublin'

    In your graphic you mentioned some Hill relatives staying in Dublin and a possible connection to a jewellery shop -
    do you know if this a male Hill descendant, or could it be through a female line ?

    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 3rd Dec 2021, 11:27AM
  • correction - the date for St. Mark's baptism, marriage & death burial records should read 1730 (not 1830)


    Shane Wilson, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 3rd Dec 2021, 11:49AM
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    Hi Shanew147,
    Thanks so much for your response.

    The 1861 census (and others) merely state “Dublin, Ireland” as place of birth for both Francis and his son Francis, so it’s not clear whether that is Dublin County, or Dublin City. Sarah is noted as being born in Bolton, Lancashire. Copy of 1861 census attached.
    My most recent finding is of the marriage of his father Charles of Dublin City to Alice McManus of St. Peter on 24th Dec 1795. I uploaded his info last week into his own record. This would seem to confirm that Francis was likely born in Dublin City.

    Also this week I found records of three children being buried in the same grave (plot A15-245) at Mount Jerome. They are Charles (Aug 1861-Aug 1861) of Meeklinborough Street, Dublin, Edward (d. 1862 aged 3), and John (d. 1884 aged 8). Mount Jerome staff tell me that there is no indication of parentage. I wonder if they are related, in which case Meeklinborough Street is a clue. I have created records for them on FindAGrave However, Francis moves to England in 1849, so they are not his children. I feel Francis must have siblings, and perhaps they are children of one of these unknown brothers.
    The understanding/family story is that the connection with the jewelers is a male Hill, but you are right that we should consider the person being related by marriage to a female Hill.


    Friday 3rd Dec 2021, 09:35PM
  • I forgot to thank you for the files of the marriage records! THANK YOU!


    Friday 3rd Dec 2021, 09:39PM

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