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Hi Im from Australia, my G G Grandmother was Ellen Frawley born in 1837 to James Frawley (Frauly) and Mary Bush (Bushe) brackets is the spelling on the record. I would love to hear from anyone who may know anything about these families. Ellen had 2 brothers that I know Patrick and James, and perhaps a sister who had emigrated to Australia prior to Ellen; Ellen arrived in Geelong Victoria Aus on the Admiral Boxer in 1858 and was going to stay with her sister???

3 of us in our family (cousins) have testede DNA hoping to find some family members related to these ancestors.

Many thanks



Sunday 15th Oct 2017, 05:40AM

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  • Dear Annie:


    Many thanks for your post to the Ireland Reaching Out message board! 

    There have been previous posts from another person about the Bush family as well as a volunteer in the local Ogonnelloe area who may be able to assist.  I'm going to forward this email to him and he should be able to add something to your research.  Please give him at least 2 weeks to respond.

    As to the other query, I will contact him via email.  Will you contact me through this email address: so that I can share particuars with you?


    Many thanks for your interest in Ireland Reaching Out.  Please consider creating a profile of one of your ancestors (if you have not already done so) through the XO Chronicles tab at the top of the page. 

    I look forward to hearing.

    Kind regards,


    Jane Halloran Ryan

    Sunday 15th Oct 2017, 10:28AM
  • Dear Annette,

    There are no records of any Frawley family living in O'Gonnelloe, Co Clare, so it likely that Frawley was from Killuran and Mary Bush from O'Gonnelloe.

    The Bush family lived in Aghinish on the shore of Lough Derg. The remains of the family home is still there.                                                                                                                                          John Bush and Ann Cullinan had 6 children. Tom b28-4-1833, Mary b31-12-1836, Michael b21-4-1839, Ann b17-4-1843, Cath b23-8-1846, Bridget b23-8-1846.                                                          Tom Bush (who I believe is the above Tom) and Margaret Lenihan   had  11 children. Mary b24-12-1870, Anne b29-5-1872, John b7-2-1874, Michael b21-1-1876, Tom b21-5-1877, Ellen b23-10-1879, William b13-2-1881, Pat b1-6-1883, James b13-11-1885, Dan b11-7-1888, Edward b31-5-1891. I believe it was the first born boy John who got the family house and farm because it was alway John Bush's farm when I was growing up.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The farm is now owned by a neighbouring farmer and there are no Bush's living in the parish. It was a nephew of John Bush  (Tobin) who sold the land.. I will try and get more information on Tobin.

    Best wishes,

    Michael Mc Namara, O'Gonnelloe.                                                                                                                                            

    Mikepat, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 6th Nov 2017, 09:56PM
  • Michael thank you so much for the information you’ve provided Annette




    Friday 10th Nov 2017, 11:24AM
  • Michael I’m sorry I had not replied to your message re Bush Frawley family; like a lot of us I suppose we are searching every possible place to try and chip away at our brick walls and I hadn’t realised there was this response



    Sunday 18th Nov 2018, 08:43PM
  • Hello Annette,

    From the link above you will see that the name Frawley in not in the O'gonnelloe records.
    There are only two Mary Bush's in our records. one born in 1836 to John Bush and Anne Cullinan and the other Mary was born in 1870. As Jane said above it is possible that your G G Grandmother was born in O'Gonnelloe and married Frawley from Killuran.

    Michael McNamara

    Mikepat, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 23rd Nov 2018, 05:18PM
  • Thanks Michael; Mary must have been born around 1800 or earlier, I’ve since found another sibling of my GG Grandmother he was Thomas Frawley he was born in 1828 and drowned in Canada in 1860; from the death certificate it states 3 people living there Thomas, James and Mary, so they must have travelled to Canada prior to that! Ellen Frawley arrived in Australia in 1858, she apparently had another sister already here that she was going to stay with... I have no idea who that was

    Thanks again for your interest





    Saturday 24th Nov 2018, 12:23PM
  • Hello Annette,

    Have you anything on your records over there which might gives an indication which parish or townland the Frawley's came from.


    Mikepat, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 25th Nov 2018, 04:40PM
  • Brother Patrick 


    1835 • Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland

    Sponsors John Connor and Catherine Stafford

    1 Source


    Ellen Baptism

    13 June 1837 • OCallaghans Mills Clare, Ireland

    Listed as Frauly Parents James Frauly & Mary Bushe Witnesses Michael Perry & Bridget Markaham @ Knocklara

    Brother James Baptism

    10 Aug 1839 • O'Callaghan's Mills, Clare, Ireland

    Sponsor Ellen Anglim @ Claremount

    This is the only record we have been able to find, the older brother Thomas born 1828...never found a record and there maybe more siblings

    Thanks for your interest





    Monday 26th Nov 2018, 04:26PM
  • Hi again

    I've recently discovered the names Timothy Keehan and Julia Moloney in several trees that match our DNA. They were from Ogonnelloe!

    My question for Mikepat or others with local knowledge is/was there any connections between Bush/Keehan/Moloney or Ryan.....these names are appearing in my matches.

    many thanks for the support you provide 



    Monday 28th Oct 2019, 09:48PM

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