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Hello, is there a specific genealogy department in Ireland or Scotland to help me search and authenticate family? 


Friday 17th Nov 2023, 07:48PM

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  • Sapphira,

    The State Agencies in Ireland do not carry out genealogy queries.

    You can research the following for free - and

    You can employ a Researcher to do the work on your behalf.



    Saturday 18th Nov 2023, 10:09AM
  • Names and years would help as a start.
    Then we,  all in here try and point you in the right direction.

    Depends on the names you have years, online can go back to the 1600 in Ireland. 
    Then Scotland, you can get some information online, then its Scotlandspeople. 
    Then depends on where you are as Scotlandspeople is in Edinburgh, ScotlandUK and you have to book in advance.

    A big depends on!    We are all here to help.




    Sunday 19th Nov 2023, 04:40PM

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