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James Ginn was married to Mary Guthrie.   He born 1784 in Lough Erne Fermanagh Ireland, she born 27 March 1799 Dromore parish County Down Ireland
This is all the information I have on them as a couple.  He may have married another lady before Mary as there are 2 children listed for James and Mary would have been only 13.  I am not able to find parents for either or their marriage information..  Thank you, Catherine  


Saturday 22nd Jun 2024, 08:14PM

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  • cmn9534

    Ginn is not a very common name in Fermanagh. Looking at the 1901 census there were only a handful of families and most of them lived near Irvinestown, in the parishes of Drumkeeran and Derryvullan. All would have been Church of Ireland in the early 1800s. You could try searching church records in those parishes.

    Derryvullan’s early records start in 1803 and are on-line on the IGP site. I searched them but did not see any James Ginn marriage or children to him. Drumkeeran’s records start in 1801. They don’t appear to be on-line anywhere. However there is a copy in PRONI (the public record office) in Belfast.

    Several Ginns farming in Derryvullan in the 1835 tithe applotment records;

    Tradition was to marry in the bride’s church, after which she’d usually attend her husband’s.

    You say that Mary Guthrie cam from Dromore Co Down. That’s possible but it’s about 100 miles from Fermanagh. How would they have met? There is another Dromore in Co Tyrone and it borders Derryvullan parish. That seems a more likely origin for her.  If the Guthrie family was Church of Ireland then the bad news is that Dromore’s records were all destroyed in the 1922 fire in Dublin.  If she was Presbyterian (a distinct possibility, given a Scottish surname like Guthrie) then unfortunately Dromore Presbyterian has no records earlier than 1835. So it’s possible the couple married in Dromore, Co Tyrone and that there are now simply no records to find.


    If it is any consolation, marriage records from the early 1800s contain very little information. Normally just the date, the couples 2 names and their 2 witnesses. No parents names etc.

    Elwyn, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 23rd Jun 2024, 08:42AM
  • Catherine,

    RootsIreland (paid subscription) has Church of Ireland baptism records for Margaret Ann Gutherie (1797) and James Gutherie (1798). Both were born in Dromore, Down to Robert Gutherie and Jane McGibbin. James' record shows address- Balleny, Dromore, Down.

    Balleny Townland, Co. Down (

    This might be Mary's family? I did not find any information on James Glinn.

    Regards- Mary


    Sunday 23rd Jun 2024, 08:53AM
  • Catherine,

    You might be aware there are 120 trees on Ancestry with James Ginn and Mary McGuire. Although some suggest Fermanagh as James place of birth, others identify Donegal, Tyrone, or Kilkenny.

    Some trees identify that Thomas Gutherie and Jane Henry, married 1784, were Mary's parents.

    There is no supporting documentation for any of this information that I could find but I did not review all 120 trees.

    Regards- Mary


    Sunday 23rd Jun 2024, 10:55AM

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