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My great-great-great-grandfather was Michael Rooney, lived 1821-1903 in Lisheenkyle, Aughrim, Co. Galway for some time, but most of his life was spent as a farmer in Rahard, Athenry. He died in Castlelambert in April 1903 at the age of 76. From there, the records cease to exist. After digging, we've discovered that at least one of his three sons, Martin, also lived in Athenry at some time. Records get a bit muddy because they farmed in different areas than they lived. But we believe we have found his grave marker, which serves as a mass grave for several of his family members. Here is the link for the grave:

But Michael Rooney is not listed among those buried there. We've been searching in archives, church records and every other place we can think of, but he and his wife, Margaret Rooney (nee Connolley, 1835-1895) are nowhere to be found. Does anyone have access to the Athenry Graveyard and willing to see if those two are nearby? Or does anyone have any information on burials in the late 1800s? We wonder if they were buried on their land perhaps. Any help is much appreciated!

Emily Buss

Thursday 27th Dec 2018, 07:37PM

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    Hi Emily

    Believe your Rooney family always farmed in Lisheenkyle only. Martin's son Patrick RIP 1992 is buried in Lackagh Cemetery. Family plot of his sister Julia Rooney Monaghan.

    Will check locally and update.


    Gerard, Parish Liaison Lackagh

    Tuesday 1st Jan 2019, 10:34PM
  • Hi, Gerard.

    This is wonderful! Thank you for your help!

    Emily Buss

    Wednesday 2nd Jan 2019, 04:33PM
  • Hi, Gerard.

    Circling back to see if you've had any luck locating the grave of my great-great-great-grandfather Michael Rooney, lived 1821-1903 in Lisheenkyle, Aughrim. He died in Castlelambert in April 1903, and we cannot seem to find anything else. We are coming back to Galway in September!

    Emily Buss

    Saturday 6th Apr 2019, 02:47PM

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