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Thanks to the many of those of you who helped me research my great-grandmother's parents. Her name was Anne (Kerrigan) Lynch, 1866-1963. She immigrated to the United States in later part of the 19th Century and eventually married my great-grandfather, Daniel Lynch.

Recently, with the help of DNA connections and newly found cousins, I learned that her parents were John Kerrigan, of Partee, Mayo, 1815-1876 and Mary Finnerty about 1840-(?) of  Derrindaffderg, Mayo.

Now I have more questions and I hope you can help.

Anne Kerrigan's birth record is attached. She was born in Derrindaffderg, You'll see her name on the left hand column three quarters of the way down next to the date 23 Sep 1866. Three questions on this document

  1. Is the date for birth or baptism?
  2. The names Anthony Henaghan and Cicily Higgins listed below her name. Are they her Godparents?
  3. On the right side of the page, there is a 2 and 6. What does that mean?

Another question where/and at what church were children from Derrindaffderg baptized in 1866? Or did the priest just visit certain areas and perform baptisms?

I looked at Griffiths Valuation for Derrindaffderg and saw that the record was printed in 1857. Is that the year that the townland was surveyed?

Finally, someone told me that the landlord for the townland was George Henry Moore of Moore House. But the attached details for the survey of the Finnerty plot shows the landowner as Malachy Touhy. Can you explain that?

Any other information about Derrindaffderg is appreciated.

Again thanks to all.



Monday 7th Feb 2022, 11:06PM

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  • KCmike:

    I responded to your message from earlier today but you must have deleted the message and the response. 

    The record is a baptismal record from the Burriscarra RC parish register. I looked for a civil birth record but none was available. Civil registration of births started in 1864 but in the initial years there was not 100% compliance with the law. Likely Anne was born a few days before the baptismal date.

    Anthony Heneghan and Cicily Higgins were sponsors/godparents.

    2 shillings and 6 pence was the donation to the priest. 

    Malachy Tuohy was the landlord for the townland of Derrindaffderg and other townlands in the parish. George Moore was the landlord for other townlands in Ballintober civil parish. can provide more details on the landlords for the various townlands in the parish.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 8th Feb 2022, 12:30AM
  • KC,

    Please see Post by Elaine in relation to Derrindaffderg, dated January 17th 2022. You may be both researching the same families?

    You may find it at page 20.



    Tuesday 8th Feb 2022, 09:02AM










    Roger, McCoy 

    Thanks for your assistance.









    rogerThanks for your assistance. 


    Tuesday 8th Feb 2022, 01:30PM

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