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My 2nd great grandmother, Hannah Harrison born ~ 1833 migrated to NYC in 1851 with another young girl passenger Elizabeth Harriion in 1851 from Livepool.  DNA relatives show the area of Cliffony/Bunduff.  Next year I plan to visit all parts of Ireland and Northern Ireland as all my Irish ancestry migrated in 1850s era it has been a difficult task.

I have been lucky on some connections such as Ballycastle; County Meath.  

Any advise on visitng Sligo is much appreciated.




Saturday 27th Nov 2021, 01:39PM

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  • Hello Margaret and welcome to ireland Reaching Out.

    Margaret have you posted on the Sligo page here on Ireland Reaching Out.  Cliffoney (North Sligo) is about 14 miles from Sligo Town.

    Hannah was age just 17 years when she sailed from Liverpool.  The link below is to the Parish records for Cliffoney.  I had a quick look but found no Harrison yet, but you could have a look through and see if you can spot any Harrison.

    Harrison is a common enough name in Sligo, also below is a link to Cliffoney village, maybe you could message them and ask for some local help on this.


    Ahamlish, Elphin - Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI


    Catholic Church, Cliffoney – Cliffoney Village

    I will be back to you if I find out more information


    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Saturday 27th Nov 2021, 02:52PM
  • Margaret:

    I assume Hannah Harrison was Roman Catholic? I checked the subscription site Roots Ireland and there are many Harrison baptismal records in Ahamlish RC parish around 1833. I don't see a Hannah record but there is an Honor Harrison in 1831 wih father Andrew and mother Honor McGowan.She has a younger sister Elenora born in 1839. 

    I checked the 1858 Griffiths Valuation and there is an Andrew Harrison reocrd in Bunduff townland which matches your DNA connections.

    Keep us posted on your plans to travel to Ireland.

    Roger McDonnell

    Castlemore Roscommon, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 27th Nov 2021, 02:59PM
  • Margaret would you think Hannah and Elizabeth were sisters 

    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Saturday 27th Nov 2021, 03:31PM
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    Thank you for all the guidance and information.  I assume they were sisters since traveling together and the manifast lists the a year age difference.

    Sorry to confuse names as I will attach the passenger list and the other girl passenger is Bridget (19).  Hannah was estimate 20 years so year born would be 1831.

    There are several Hannah Harrision that migrated to US but this Hannah had a son in 1855 and my G grandfather James Mullaney in 1857. The timeline seems right.
    I have a DNA relative that has Patrick Harrision from Sligo so this is how I got the connection to Ahamlish Parish. Patrick was born 1830 and may have been the older brother. He did not leave Ireland.
    I will dig deeper into the links sent to see if I can find any names that match those years.
    Once again, Thank you


    Monday 29th Nov 2021, 01:46PM

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