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I have done extensive research on my Finn ancestors that came from the Townland of Lisduff in the Civil Parish of Tibohine, County Roscommon.  I recently made contact with a DNA (23andMe) cousin who is a Regan and his family is also from Lisduff.  I would be very much interested in making contact with others who have done Regan research in the general area of Lisduff.  I have been putting together a family tree for my Regan DNA cousin and have reached a few unexpected roadblocks.  So please contact me if you would like to dive into some Regan research !

Ed Finn -


Wednesday 13th Apr 2022, 05:43PM

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  • Hello Ed and Welcome to Ireland Reaching Out.

    Ed if you are on Facebook there are a few Roscommon DNA and Genealogy groups that might interest you

    Geraldine Buckley-Smith, Ireland XO Volunteer

    Wednesday 13th Apr 2022, 10:03PM
  • Hello!

    I too have traced some of our Regan DNA to Driney, Tibohine, Roscommon.  I have found the FB groups to be most helpful.  
    I would be happy to work with you and share some Regan/Roscommon information!

    I hope you have a really great weekend!

    Nicole Wenzel



    Friday 14th Jul 2023, 06:32PM
  • Hi Geraldine & Nicole,

    Thank you both for taking the time to respond to my Regan posting.  I will have to admit that while I do have a FB account, I am not a big fan of the FB environment.  Perhaps it somehow relates to the many postings I find on FB showing a picture of the food that the users are eating at that moment in a local restaurant :)  ...get a life!...back to the subject at hand.

    I met up with a Thomas Regan by way of the DNA 23andMe site.  Thomas was found to be a known member of the Lisduff Regans.  As it turned out his Regans lived directly across the street from my Finn homestead, so we had an early bond so to speak due to the proximity of his Regan homestead.  Thomas put me in touch with several members of his family and we formed an Ad Hoc "Regan Email Group".  With the assistance of this group I put together a Regan familly tree which can be viewed at I have obtained BMD documentation for every member of this Regan family tree with the exception of the two oldest members, Thomas Regan married to Winifred Corcoran.  This entry is supported by verbal information only.  Unfortunately this is a key entry in the tree as our 23andMe DNA results have predicted that our common ancestor should be AT or very NEAR this point.

    With regard to doing genealogical research via DNA testing, I was very LUCKY to meet up with Thomas Regan on 23andMe.  Contrary to the commercial hype that is pushed by the big DNA companies, DNA is NOT going to tell you the names of your ancestors.  If you and your "DNA Cousin" haven't put in considerable research already...finding a 4th or 5th DNA cousin isn't going to be of much value unless both have useable data that can be exchanged.  After meeting thousands of DNA counsins on 23andMe only a very small percentage of them have done that required research.

    And as a direct response to Nicole, I would very much enjoy the possibility of exchanging research data with you.  Most of my Regan data has been obtained from the Loughglynn & Tibohine RC Parish Registers.

    Please contact me direct at the email listed below...

    Ed Finn


    Sunday 16th Jul 2023, 02:34PM

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